It Was the Left Wing that Messed up Cher’s Daughter, Chaz Bono

Here’s a Twitter tirade from Cher where she blames all the ills of the world on the so-called Right Wing. Her tweets only show her ignorance:

  • Don’t believe in the Right wing’s effort to Subjugate women! WHO R THESE MEN WHO THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE WOMEN BACK TO THE STONE AGE! We talk about how radical Muslims take away the Rights of their woman, but HOW CAN WE LET These RW Misogynistic Cretins take away.
  • Our BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS ! IF THIS Was Happening in another Country Woman Across The USA Would B outraged ! Well Girls wake up & Smell the coffee.

If she really thought about her life and that of her daughter, she would realize that it was leftist ideology that destroyed her daughter. Chastity has become the sexually mutilated “Chaz Bono.”

Allan Dobras, a freelance writer on religious and cultural issues and an electronics engineer, may have pinpointed the catalyst for most of the gender bending that is touted as normal behavior:

Many gay celebrities have admitted they were victims of childhood sexual abuse including Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Heche, Julie Cypher, Melissa Etheridge, swimming star Greg Louganis, and Chastity Bono, who disclosed how she was seduced as a child into the “gay” lifestyle by one of Cher Bono’s lesbian friends. Additionally, many of the young boys seduced by priests were drawn into the homosexual lifestyle by the experience.

Gay-rights activists and their apologists have waged an effective brass knuckles campaign to portray homosexuality as inborn and unchangeable and therefore deserving of acceptance, affirmation, and codification into law. Nevertheless, declaring something to be true doesn’t make it so, nor does it make it right.

Chastity wrote in her memoir The End of Innocence (2003) that when she was 11 years old she was sexually seduced by “Joan,” a lesbian friend of Cher’s who later became Chastity’s sexual confidant. What was her mother’s reaction to the statutory rape of her prepubescent daughter?: “This will be a good life experience for you.” Chastity writes:

“My mom wasn’t always around, since she was working, so Joan [Cher’s lesbian friend] sort of filled in that gap … I just focused on the fact that I wasn’t getting enough attention, and I often felt lonely or abandoned. When I spent time with Joan, I felt like the center of attention…” (10–11).

Chastity wasn’t born a man. She was looking for love, affection, and someone to pay attention to her. Her molestation so messed with her mind that she didn’t know who she was. Liberals have turned Chastity into a cause célèbre to further their cultural transformation agenda. One by one the old moral taboos are being retrofitted just like Chastity was retrofitted into becoming Chaz.

It wasn’t the Right Wing that messed up Chastity; it was Left-Wing ideology.

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