John Lewis is an Income Stealing Liberal Who Supports Killing Unborn Black Babies

Say it like the title of this article suggests and it puts a completely different light on John Lewis’s civil rights icon status. He is one of the worst Congressmen our political system has created. He is entrenched in the 5th District of Georgia which is a majority-black district. His policies (see below) have done more to hurt blacks than help.

Contrary to what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, the 5th District of Georgia has a crime problem. The schools are a mess as well. It’s no wonder that Lewis’s District is loaded with some of the nation’s best private schools that are racially and ethnically diversified.

His support of abortion on demand has killed more blacks than lynching – more than 15 million since 1973. Let that sink in.

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Nick Cannon, host of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, described abortion as “real genocide.” He accused Planned Parenthoodof propagating ‘modern-day eugenics’ and ‘population control.’” (Slate)

What Rep. John Lewis did 50-years-ago does not mean he can do anything without criticism today. Yes, he got his head bashed in during a civil rights march in Selma, Alabama. Well, Ronald Reagan got shot. Did liberals cut Reagan any slack? No. When they did not like one of his policies, they criticized him, as they had every right to do.

In an editorial Lewis wrote rejecting the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, he wrote the following:

 “We have a moral obligation to look closely at Clarence Thomas and his record. Once the people have looked at his record, I am sure that they will find, as I have, that Clarence Thomas is not suited to sit on the Supreme Court. Then, they, too, must let their opposition to Thomas’ nomination be known.”

We need to look at the record of John Lewis.

“When U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., said he didn’t see Donald Trump as a ‘legitimate president,’ it wasn’t out of character. After 37 years in Congress, that kind of rhetoric is in keeping with a highly partisan record of accusing all Republican presidential candidates of racism as well as calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush.” (WND)

WND lists some of the more outrageous things Rep. Lewis has said and done in his nearly 40-year congressional career, and it ain’t pretty. It’s well worth reading.

Breitbart has a similar listing of some of Lewis’s outrageous – Fake News – accusations. Here’s one of his more egregious charges:

2010: Falsely claimed that Tea Party demonstrators said the N-word’ during anti-Obamacare rally. Lewis joined several other members of the Congressional Black Caucus in claiming that a crowd of thousands of Tea Party protesters on the steps of Capitol Hill had shouted the ‘N-word’ at them when they walked through the crowd — apparently in the hope of provoking a reaction. ‘It surprised me that people are so mean and we can’t engage in a civil dialogue and debate,’ Lewis claimed. But he never proved the accusation — and when Andrew Breitbart offered to donate $10,000, then $100,000, to the United Negro College Fund for any video evidence of the ‘N-word,’ none surfaced — despite hundreds of cameras present.”

If I recall correctly, there was also a charge of spitting.

Lewis is a staunch supporter of abortion of the most extreme kind. He voted “no” on prohibiting partial birth abortions, making it a crime to harm an unborn baby in the creation of another crime, and received a 100% by National Abortion Rights Action League.

A little research indicates that Martin Luther King did not consider same-sex sexuality comparable to race as a 1958 Ebony magazine advice column shows. King wrote that homosexuality “is probably not an innate tendency, but something that has been culturally acquired.”

Unlike his mentor, Lewis equates same-sex sexuality with race. To oppose two men engaging in sex acts with one another is the same as race. A sex act is a behavior. It’s not like a person’s skin color or ethnicity. Any number of black leaders oppose identifying same-sex acts with race. Colin Powell, before he was co-opted by the Left, made this comment:

 “Skin color is a benign, nonbehavioral characteristic. Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of human behavioral characteristics. Comparison of the two is a convenient but invalid argument.”1

A person’s skin color is immediately noticed. A person’s sexual choices are not. Sex is a behavior; race isn’t.

In 2010, Lewis declared that forbidding homosexuals to marry is the same as racism. He has voted to overturn the definition of marriage to apply only to people of the opposite sex marrying each other. Gets a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign, a radical pro-homosexual special interest group “advocating for LGBTQ equality.”

Lewis has never met a tax increase or spending bill that he did not like. He’s even voted against tax simplification. Through all his tax and spend legislative record, his own district remains dependent on government. That’s way Lewis likes it. If blacks no longer were getting wealth redistribution payments and were earning a good living, people like Lewis would not have a job.

He’s voted “no” on eliminating the death tax, permanently eliminating the marriage penalty. And $46 billion in tax cuts for small businesses. At the same time, he has voted to increase spending to keep people dependent on government.

John Lewis is a racist and radical statist. He has played the race card more than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and that’s saying something. For Lewis, it’s all about race and ripping up the moral planks of this once great Republic.

  1. From a May 18, 1992, letter to former congressional Representative Patricia Schroeder. []
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