I Don’t Want to Know What You Do in Bed

I was looking forward to the next ‘Star Trek’ film. After the story about Zachary Quinto telling the world that he engages in homosexual sex, I’m not sure if I can watch the sequel. Can’t these guys keep what they do behind closed doors behind closed doors? I don’t want to know what they do sexually. I’m not interested in knowing whether someone is wearing ‘boxers or briefs.’

A number of people suspected that Rock Hudson was a homosexual. He kept it to himself until he contracted AIDS. He couldn’t hide it any longer. There was a great deal of sympathy for him. Doris Day and Elizabeth Taylor took up the AIDS cause. No one at the time was willing to make the connection that homosexual sex is almost the sole transmitter of AIDS. Homosexual sex is neither normal nor moral. Of course, intravenous drug users also transmitted the disease. Intravenous drug use is neither normal nor moral. Great efforts are used to stop drug use, while homosexual behavior is promoted and glorified.

I doubt that many people knew that Raymond Burr was a homosexual. Burr starred in numerous films (e.g., Rear Window) and television shows (Perry Mason and Ironside). He, too, kept his sexual proclivities to himself.

I suspect that there are bunches of Hollywood actors that do all sorts of immoral and unnatural things in the privacy of their own closet, but you don’t see them coming out to reveal these behaviors to the rest of us. There are no ‘Pride’ parades, special TV and radio channels, slick magazines, and school curricula promoting their behaviors.

We’ve seen a break down of marriage among Hollywood types. Hollywood adulteries were at one time scandalous and could ruin careers. For example, Ingrid Bergman’s adulterous affair with Roberto Rossellini.

On Mar. 14, 1950, Sen. Edwin C. Johnson of Colorado took to the floor of the U.S. Senate and delivered an extraordinary and impassioned harangue. Extraordinary, for in this instance the good senator wasn’t rallying against the red peril or his political rivals, but against a movie actress. The actress was Ingrid Bergman, and during Johnson’s blistering tirade she was labeled a “free-love cultist” and a “powerful influence for evil.”

The unusual episode was typical of heated public reaction in 1950. For Ingrid Bergman, Hollywood’s favorite embodiment of saintliness and virtue, had given birth on Feb. 2 to Renato Roberto Gisuto Giuseppe Rossellini. Little “Robertino” had been conceived, not in sunny Hollywood, but in far-off Italy, and the child’s illustrious father wasn’t Ingrid’s husband, Dr. Peter Lindstrom, but Italian film director Roberto Rossellini.

Senator Johnson wasn’t alone in his righteous wrath. Hell hath no fury like a public scorned, and Bergman and her lover Rossellini had quite literally managed to inflame their public with a passion. Sermons rang from pulpits, women’s clubs sniffed through their blue noses, and pickets paraded around theaters showing Bergman films. Producers–already hurt by the infant television industry–cringed, and Hollywood moralists, led by gossip columnist Louella Parsons, raved in indignation at the adulterous activities of the virginal star of Joan of Arc and The Bells of St. Mary’s.

How times have changed.

Mr. Quinto is disturbed with bullying of young people who believe they are ‘gay.’ We all are. It’s time that he (1) stop claiming that same-sex sex is normal, moral, or desirable and (2) direct some of his anti-bullying efforts at the homosexual community. They’re the bullies. Vicki Knox is the latest to be bullied because she posted her beliefs about homosexuality on her Facebook page. She has been attacked by the homosexual advocacy lobbying group the Human Rights Campaign. There’s even a ‘get Vicki’ page on their website:

Act now and tell Union Township Schools Superintendent Dr. Patrick Martin to take appropriate steps to counter Knox’s dangerous message. 2200 people have signed out petition in just the first two hours – add your voice to the growing calls for action.

There’s a long list of bullying by homosexuals (also see here and here). The media almost never criticizes it. They, too, are afraid of being bullied.

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