Hollywood Promotes Patriotism

Final movie and television nominees have been named for the Faith & Freedom Awards for Promoting Positive American Values, to be presented Friday, Feb. 10 at the 20th Annual Movieguide® Faith & Values Awards Gala at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Los. Angeles.

The Faith & Freedom Awards are given each year at the Awards program to a movie and a TV program that extols or celebrates America, patriotism, liberty, free enterprise, and limited government.

Dr. Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide®, says, “We began the Faith & Freedom Awards to encourage filmmakers to choose themes which will honor the values that have made America great.”

For theatrical movies, the nominees are (also in alphabetical order):  “25 Hill” from team Cherokee Productions, “Captain America:  The First Avenger” from Paramount Pictures, “Coriolanus” from The Weinstein Co., “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” from Warner Bros. Pictures, and “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” from 20th Century Fox.

For television, the nominees are (in alphabetical order): the two-part episode “Engaged” from NCIS of CBS, the “Indelible” episode from CSI:  NY of CBS, “KJB:  The Book that Changed the World” from BBC Two, “The Lost Valentine” from Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions, “Vietnam in HD, Part 1 and 2,” from The History Channel, and “Who Is Simon Miller?” from Procter & Gamble Productions and Walmart, which aired on NBC.

“Moviegoers and TV viewers prefer movies and television programs that celebrate traditional American values like liberty, private property, the free market, patriotism, and limited government,” said Baehr, who will reveal box office statistics revealing just that fact at the Gala.

He noted that NCIS is the highest rated TV series on broadcast television, generating an audience of about 20 million viewers per week. He also said that movies celebrating American values like “Captain America,” “Transformers:  Dark of the Moon,” and “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” are some of the most popular movies of the year.

Dr. Baehr is chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission® (CFTVC) ministry and its family guide to movies, Movieguide® ( CFTVC and Movieguide® are an international non-profit ministry dedicated to “redeeming the values of the entertainment industry by influencing industry executives and by informing and equipping the public about the influence of the entertainment media.”

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