Hillary Says Female President Would Send Right Signal

“Hillary Clinton told a Canadian audience that she hoped the United States would elect a woman to the White House because it would send ‘exactly the right historical signal’ to men, women and children. She said women in politics need to ‘dare to compete’ and the nation needs to ‘take that leap of faith.’”

Nice sound bites but completely devoid of any substantive content.

In what way does a woman make a difference in taking an oath to uphold the Constitution? She either will or she won’t. What does a person’s gender have to do with keeping your word?

Americans and the world were all atwitter because the United States elected the first officially black president in 2008. (Bill Clinton was called “America’s first black president” by Toni Morrison.) So what has Obama’s blackness done in terms of keeping his oath to uphold the Constitution? Can we say that he has ignored it?

Color and gender shouldn’t have anything to do with being president.

In a country where everybody is black, what would a candidate’s color mean? Would electing a white man send the “right kind of signal”? And what would that be?

We’re beginning to see in sports that it matters who has sex with whom. Homosexuality is the new “authentication” mark among athletes. First it was Jason Collins (whoever he is). Now it’s Phoenix Mercury basketball rookie Brittney Gainer who’s a self-professed same-sexer.

“In April Griner revealed she is gay, an announcement Griner says was an easy decision when she considered the large number of people her message could reach.

“‘I’ve heard people say, “Why do you need to say you’re gay, keep your personal life to yourself?” I say to them, “What about the kids who need someone to look up to?” I’m not trying to target whoever’s complaining. I’m targeting the people struggling who need someone to set an example,’ she explains. ‘Just knowing that you can help somebody out, that’s a feeling you can’t express.’”

What does what she does sexually with whom have to do with basketball?

Why don’t we hear sports figures saying, “Hi. I’m an adulterer. I want to help other adulterers. They need someone to look up to. That’s why I’m announcing today that I’m a serial adulterer.”

I’m not against a woman running for president; I just don’t want Hillary Clinton to be that woman.

Her body parts don’t have anything to do with my decision; it’s her political and moral views that disturb me. It’s the same with a majority of the members of Congress — skirt or no skirt.

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