Here’s a Mind-Blowing Tipping Story You’ve Got to Read

How would you react if you got a $5000 tip?

You’ve heard of the lying lesbian waitress who fabricated a story about how she was stiffed by a family because of her homosexual lifestyle. Long before this false non-tipping story hit the news, another tipping story was brewing. It seems that Christians are leaving huge tips. It’s called the TipsForJesus Movement. Even NPR picked up the story.

“‘Crazy-generous’ tips, as Gawker says, have been showing up on checks across the nation as some anonymous good Samaritans known only as ‘TipsForJesus’ add hundreds or thousands of dollars to their restaurant and bar bills.

“In South Bend, Ind., to the tab at Legends of Notre Dame on Oct. 19 — the day the Fighting Irish played the University of Southern California Trojans. Three men enjoyed themselves at the bar before and after the game. ‘We were all super shocked’ by how much they tipped, bartender Ashley Rust told the South Bend Tribune.

Over the years I’ve heard stories of Christians leaving gospel tracts instead of a tip. What a horrendous idea. If you ever decide to leave a gospel tract or even a pocket constitution, wrap it in a $20.00 bill in addition to your regular tip.TipsForJesus

This is how the South Bend Tribune reported the generous tipping story:

“Rust said she was at work Oct. 19, the day of the Irish home football game against the University of Southern California, when three men came in. One was dressed in a USC jersey, though all three said they were from California. After spending a couple of hours at the bar, the men paid for their drinks and left for the game — but not before adding the whopping $5,000 tip to the $84.05 bill.

“‘We were all super shocked and we didn’t want to get too excited because we hadn’t ever seen a tip like this.’

“But the night got even more surreal for Rust and her fellow employees. After the game, the men returned to Legends, rang up a $164.50 bill and added another $5,000 tip.”

A good friend of mine is a great tipper. Not only does he leave a generous tip that is most often shared by the server, busboys, and chef, but he also leaves a large cash tip just for the server along with a hand-written note. If you want to learn how to make friends and influence people, then you need to meet my friend.

You can imagine what type of service he gets when he dines there.

He told me that one server came up to him and pulled out an old receipt on which he had written an encouraging note. The young man treasured it. Often when he got discouraged, he would pull it out, unfold it, and read it.

There are a lot of things that we can do to promote our worldview. Too often we are so against the right things that sometimes we forget to do the right things.

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