Helping Syrian Rebels Means Helping Cannibals and Murderers

Is the buildup of a United States military strike against Syria a diversion — a wag the dog scenario — in order to divert attention away from President Obama’s many domestic troubles? The economy remains stagnant, youth unemployment is at a record high, and a majority of Americans are beginning to question whether the President has any real solutions to get the economic engine of American enterprise going again.

A few well placed missiles in a foreign land where we can’t see the destruction that might end being worse than the gas attacks, might bolster the President’s poll numbers.

We’ve seen what our efforts to help the rebels in Egypt have done. Churches have been burned to the ground and Christians have been driven out of their homes. “[A] video from Mideast Christian News shows a Muslim crowd attacking St. George Diocese of the Coptic Church in Sohag, Egypt — setting fire to the church and then ripping out a cross from a wall around the building.”St. George Diocese of the Coptic Church in Sohag, Egypt

While the GOP leadership has been silent on so many issues, it’s been left to George Galloway, British Member of Parliament, to speak out on why the West should not aid the Syrian rebels. “The British lawmaker cited a Daily Telegraph report indicating that a definite majority of people in the UK are opposed to the country’s involvement in a potential war on the Arab country.”

Here are some of the reasons given by Galloway as to why the West should not support the rebels:

“The reason for the unease [about supporting the rebels] is that people can see the character of the Syrian opposition. They have seen the videos. . . . Take a look at the video of one of the commanders of the Syrian revolution . . . cutting open the chest of a human being and eating his heart and liver and videotaping himself and putting it up on YouTube because it might be considered attractive.

Take a look at the videos of Christian priests having their heads sawn off — not chopped off — sawn off with bread knives. Even a bishop in the Christian church was murdered by these people. Every religious minority in Syria — and there are 23 of those — is petrified at the [thought of potential] victory of the Syrian rebels. . . .” (Begin at the 3:19 mark)

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