Government Literally Does Not Care What You Think: Just Follow the Money

The phrase “follow the money” first appeared in the 1976 film All The President’s Men, made part of the film by screenwriter William Goldman who attributed the phrase to Deep Throat. To “follow the money” means that ultimately political decision making and political corruption are about money and power to get the money.

No political party is immune. Why don’t politicians follow the Constitution? Because it restricts them on the issue of money. Is it any wonder that our government got off the gold standard? The gold standard forced our government to live within its means and only fund those programs that the Constitution actually enumerated and nothing more.

Being able to print money (or add zeros digitally) makes mere mortals into gods! They are able to turning stones into bread or in a modern analogy turn computer entries into wealth which will one day become the vacuous bubble that it is.

The following short video does a great job proving this point using simple to understand statistical analysis.

In the end, the people with the money influence the politicians who have control over our money to lobby them in order to make more money for the people the lobbyists represent even if a majority of the voting public doesn’t want what the lobbyists are lobbying for.

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