Government Fines Marriott International for Doing Business

This story might cause some disagreement among Godfather Politics readers. That’s OK. But there’s a lesson in it for conservatives who say they believe market decisions should decide the success or failure of a business.

Marriott International has been ordered to “pay the government a $600,000 fine for jamming conference attendees’ own Wi-Fi networks at one of its hotels, forcing them instead to pay as much as $1,000 each to use the hotel’s own connection.”

I would be outraged if the hotel where I was staying blocked my Verizon hotspot that I use almost every day, especially when I stay at a high-priced hotel that charges me for internet service.

Frequent travelers often carry personal Wi-Fi hotspots — tiny devices that can connect to the Internet via cell phone towers. For $50 a month, they can connect to the Internet on the move, often avoiding hefty fees charged by hotels, airports and conference facilities. Last year, a conference attendee at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee — which is managed by Marriott — found that the hotel was jamming their device in its ballrooms and complained to the Federal Communications Commission. In the complaint, the guest noted that it had happened previously at another Gaylord property.”

If this continued to be a common practice, my company would never stay at a Marriott again until the chain changed its policy. Pick another city or venue if it’s an issue. Pressure Marriott International to drop the practice or you will go elsewhere. Money talks.

Also, my wife and I would not stay at a Marriott hotel until the policy was changed. Let consumers decide. Keep the government out.

I would express my outrage with my dollars. I would not go to court over the practice. It only empowers the government.

Did you notice to whom Marriott International had to pay the fine? The $600,000 went to the government.

The government wasn’t inconvenienced. The people with the mobile hotspots were inconvenienced.

This is typical of these types of decisions. Not only is the government empowered, but it’s also enriched.

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