The going rate for pot candy in high school: $10 per gummy

Not old enough to buy pot gummies in the store? Good news, there’s a solution: get them at your local high school.

That’s the story coming out of Wyoming this week. A Wyoming teen has allegedly been caught selling numerous THC-infused gummy bears to his fellow students. The price per gummy? Ten dollars. Here’s the scoop:

A school resource officer writes in the affidavit that on Jan. 30, two sources said the accused student was taking trips to Denver with his father and when he returned, selling flavored gummy candies laced with THC.

A campus supervisor told the school resource officer that she had received “numerous reports” from students about the accused student selling THC-laced “edibles,” including gummy candies and chocolates, during lunch for $10 apiece, the affidavit says.

Drug dealers love public schools. That’s because they can get their product into the system for cheap. They are able to establish legitimacy with their potential clientele because they distribute their wares through kids that all the other kids are already friends with. These kids grow up in the system together from an early age. They know each other. They’ve been in the same classes for years. Then, one day, one kid offers the other something a little special. He probably won’t even charge his life-long friend for the first one. Not if he’s smart, anyway.

That’s how the drugs spread. They don’t even have to be good drugs in high school. Any drugs will do. The kids can wait to get the good stuff when they go off to college.


Parents are concerned about letting their children be exposed to drugs, for good reason. They don’t want their children to become addicted to drugs. And they want the pushers kept away from their children. So, they empower local police officers to raid the houses of potential drug dealers and take their stuff.

And yet, if you suggested to them that the easiest way to get their kids away from the influence of drugs and drug dealers would be to pull them out of the public schools?

Fat chance.

What are they supposed to do with them, then? Both parents probably work. Who’s going to take care of the kid all day? Who’s going to be the parent who forfeits their job to stay at home and homeschool them?

If not homeschool, then is the family prepared to reduce their lifestyle by paying the high costs required to send them to a private school? (Hopefully there are no drug dealers there.)

The struggle is real.

This is the trouble with the system today. Parents get used to dual incomes. They really see no way around the need to have two incomes. One of them, maybe both of them, are probably still trying to pay off their college loans. They’re also probably paying off auto loans for their new cars. They may even have a mortgage in their names.

And that’s not even mentioning the credit card debt. If they’ve been wise, they won’t have any of that at all.


But the studies also indicate that half of Americans have less than a thousand dollars in their savings account. With all these problems, how is a family supposed to get by on just a single income? Should they really be expected to forfeit the second income, and forfeit the free public school tuition available to them (paid for by their neighbors, who are old enough to have their kids graduated but not yet old enough to qualify for a senior citizen property tax exemption)?

Not only this, but what will they tell their friends? No doubt their friends will ridicule them when they explain why they’re pulling their kids out of the public school. “You’re crazy,” they’ll say. “There are no drug dealers pushing drugs on our kids in OUR school.”

Is it really worth it to go through all this, just to keep their kids away from drug pushers in the local high schools?

This kind of thing might happen in a Wyoming high school, in a county of 74,000 people. But it probably doesn’t happen at their high school. It’s going on in someone’s backyard, just not theirs.

No need to give up that second income yet. Things haven’t gotten that serious.

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