Geraldo Rivera’s ‘Gay’ Moment and ‘Gay’ Bashing

I’m not a big fan of Tom Cruise off-screen. On-screen, he delivers – most of the time. His latest movie Rock of Ages is a bomb. His performances in Rain Man and Jerry Maguire were top-notch.

Cruise’s personal life has been tabloid fodder for a long time. His foray into Scientology has made a lot of people wince. It’s not a religion in the usual sense. There’s no God unless you count humans as gods. It’s more about self-help psychology through counseling than a religion. “It was originally intended to be a new psychotherapy and was not expected to become the foundation for a new religion.”  Scientology’s status as a religion is mostly for tax purposes. Having high profile stars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta as the face of Scientology is a great recruiting device unless these guys have ‘gay’ skeletons in their closet. Stories about Travolta are making the rounds.

The announcement that Tom Cruise is being divorced by his third wife, Katie Holmes, is leading to speculation as to why. This is Cruise’s third marriage. He was married to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. It was Rogers who introduced Cruise to Scientology.

Geraldo Rivera is speculating that Cruise’s marriages have been covers for his homosexuality. Box office receipts would drop like a stone if it ever came out that Cruise was a homosexual.

Now you would think that since homosexuality is the “new normal” that liberals wouldn’t care anything about Cruise’s or anyone else’s sexual predilections. Not so. Here’s a Tweet from Geraldo Rivera:

Does Scientology have special program to provide cover for closeted gay super stars? Great marketing device — In few yrs it’ll be mainstream.

Geraldo had his own ‘gay’ moments. His 1991 autobiography Exposing Myself includes page after page of sexual conquests including Mick Jagger and Rudolph Nureyev (pages 191–192). Rivera describes the experience as a “giddy” encounter in 1972 in the kitchen of his apartment as something like sandwich sex. Geraldo wrote: “If I were ever going to have a homosexual experience, it would have been that night.”

Rivera has little room to talk about other people’s sexual proclivities. In addition to his ‘gay’ ‘sandwich sex’ with Jagger and Nureyev, “Rivera provided intimate details of his extramarital affairs with Marian Javits, wife of former New York senator Jacob Javits; Margaret Trudeau; and Bette Midler, among others.”

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