‘Gary and the End of the World’ is Now on Amazon Prime

I wrote Last Days Madness in 1988, the 40th anniversary of the dispensational claim that the rapture should have taken place 40 years from 1948. It began as a series of articles I had written. A new publishing company, Wolgemuth & Hyatt, had just started up and was looking for new authors.

American Vision eventually got the rights. I followed LDM with several other prophecy books and numerous articles, debates, and books.

I can write a book, typeset it, design a cover, and send it off to a printer and have copies within two weeks. Netflix and Amazon have changed the way videos are now delivered and viewed. The same is true of video production.

Season 1 of ‘Gary and the End of the World‘ is Now on Amazon Prime. This is is a major accomplishment.

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