Former Republican Senator Offends Blacks over Gay Marriage Comment

Former Sen. Larry Pressler (R-SD) made the following comment about gay marriage on Current TV:

“It’s something like in World War II, we had the African-American veterans who fought, but when they got home they couldn’t vote. So now-a-days we have gays in the military — we had gays in the military before, but now we have openly gay people in the military — when they come out we tell them they are not entitled to this civil right.”

The last time I checked, homosexuals have never been denied the right to vote. In fact, the only thing that people who engage in same-sex sex are prohibited from doing is the same thing that people who engage in different-sex sex can’t do – marry people of the same sex.

The prohibition is equally distributed. This means that there is marriage equality in America.

The entire homosexual marriage debate centers on the false premise that there are people who are same-sex affiliated. Given the fact that the biological equipment is the same for a male who chooses to have sex with another male and a male who has sex with a female is prima facie evidence that there is no biological difference between them.

An NBC reporter announced that she engages in same-sex sex and is pregnant. But she didn’t get pregnant by her same-sex partner; she needed a male to do that. How is this type of relationship equal to that of heterosexual relationships or comparable to racial discrimination?

What distinguishes them is their sexual behavior not their racial differences. It has never been proven that people who choose same-sex sex are born that way. And if they were born that way, it does not mean that their behavior is morally valid.

Consider this nonsense from Julian Bond, former head of the NAACP:

“Sexual disposition parallels race. I was born this way. I have no choice. I wouldn’t change it if I could. Sexuality is unchangeable.”

Does Bond really want to go down that road?

For example, “Some of us, it seems, were just born to be bad. Scientists say they are on the verge of pinning down genetic and biochemical abnormalities that predispose their bearers to violence. An article in the journal Science . . . carried the headline EVIDENCE FOUND FOR POSSIBLE ‘AGGRESSION’ GENE.”1

And there’s this one: “Is racism simply human nature or something learned from society? Neither, says a team of psychologists who, despite criticism, argue that racism represents an accidental side effect of evolution.” Evolution is said to be a prove fact by science. Whatever is, is right.

Here’s one more: An article published in The Sciences, a New York Academy of Science magazine, states that “rape is a ‘natural, biological’ phenomenon, springing from men’s evolutionary urge to reproduce.”2

Even though there may be a genetic link to explain aggression, rape, gambling, and racism, few would claim that these behaviors are morally acceptable.

Are all choices morally acceptable? Pedophiles claim that they can’t help from having a strong sexual attraction to children. But even if they did not have a compelling urge, it seems if we follow homosexual logic, the desire alone should make the behavior morally acceptable even though we might personally and religiously object.

The secondary premise is that same-sex attraction that results in same-sex action is the same as being born with a specific racial identity. Racial distinctions are not behavior oriented.

Homosexuals aren’t being discriminated against. Homosexuals hold elective office, run companies, star in TV shows and films, host TV talk shows, and come out on national television with no repercussions.

Those being discriminated against are people who argue against the premise that homosexual marriage should be sanctioned by law. We saw this type of discrimination take place during the ramp up to Proposition 8.

For example, Peter Vidmar, a double gold-medal winner in the 1984 Olympics in gymnastics, was forced to resign as Chairman of USA Gymnastics because of pressure from homosexuals. Why? Because Vidmar donated $2000 to support anti gay marriage Proposition 8. He expressed his opinion with a donation in an election where the majority of voters agreed with him!

Former Sen. Pressler is confused and thankfully no longer in the Senate.

As Black Pastor Voddie Baucham writes, “Gay Is Not the New Black.”

  1. Dennis Overbye, “Born to Raise Hell?,” Time (February 21, 1994), 76. []
  2. Dan Vergano, “‘Natural, biological’ theory of rape creates instant storm,” USA Today (January 28, 2000), 8D. []
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