Football Player Comes Out for Omni-Sexuality and His School Approves

First it was sexual tolerance of homosexuals. Then laws were imposed on all Americans to adopt the notion that homosexuality is normative, and if somebody doesn’t agree with the new legal “morality,” he or she will have to face the full impact of the law.

In order to solidify the bizarre claim that same-sex behavior is normal, there has been a full court press from every liberal establishment known to man, from the media and education establishment to politics and the world of sports. Who would have thought that a spectacle would be made of homosexuals being married on national television at the Grammy Awards?

There’s even talk that there will be a same-sex wedding during halftime at the Super Bowl. At this point in time, I believe it’s an unfounded rumor.

The pro-homosexual lobby has been pushing hard for so-called gay athletes to “come out of the locker room” and admit they’re homosexual. There have been very few takers. No-name player Jason Collins took the bait and admitted that he has sex with other men. He and two survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing sat with first lady Michelle Obama when President Obama delivered the annual State of the Union address.

In their desperation to find any athlete who will stand up and say “I’m gay and proud,” the liberal establishment is willing to dig deep. His name is Conner Mertens. He’s a “19-year-old red-shirt freshman kicker for Willamette (Ore.) University football team.” Willamette has around 2700 students and is an NCAA Division III school. It’s a safe place to come out for an athlete since the school long ago sold its collective soul to leftist causes.

“According to, no college football player in the United States at any level has come out publicly while still playing, until Mertens. Head coach Fowles said he was initially a bit nervous about how the news would go over with the team, but he’s now proud of how they reacted.”

Mertens says he’s bi-sexual. “I want to end stereotypes and stigmas that go along with what it means to like the same sex or be attracted to the same sex,” Mertens said at a small press conference at Sparks Athletic Center at Willamette. Large or small, the leftist media will be there to promote the pro-homosexual agenda for a much larger agenda.

But let’s be honest. It wasn’t much of a coming out party at the dinky school that has been pushing the pro-homosexual agenda for some time. Anybody who goes there is most likely pro-homosexual.

But what are the implications of Martens’ statement? The moral criterion for the bi-sexual Martens is “to end stereotypes and stigmas” for those who like or are attracted to different and same sexual relationships. Where are the boundaries? He might as well have said, “If I want to have sex with a man, woman, child, my mother, my brother, my sister, my father, another man’s wife, another man’s husband, what is that to you or anybody? Omni-sexuality is the newest cause célèbre movement.”

Given what the courts, the media, and the entertainment industry have done, who can object? On what grounds can any objection be made? Martens was surrounded by “his teammates and coach on either side of him.” They weren’t objecting. In fact, they were most likely thinking to themselves, “If it’s OK for this guy to have sex with girls and guys, then there is nothing stopping me from having sex with as many girls as I want. Who’s going to say I can’t?”

What’s true in the greater case – having sex with girls and guys – is now applicable across the board. There can’t be any protestation to omni-sexuality. Sex is now truly guilt free.

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