Federal Employees Spent 3.4 Million Hours Working for Unions

Not only are we being taxed to death and spent into financial oblivion, but now we are paying Federal workers to spend time working for unions. As we all know, unions are in the pocket of the Democrats.

The Democrats make concessions to the unions. The unions collect forced dues from union workers. Those fees are used to support Democrat candidates. If you want to know what the fuss was about in Wisconsin, it was this sort of back-room dealing that the unions did not want to stop. The reason the unions and the Democrats ganged up on Scott Walker was because he threatened to put an end to this sweetheart deal.

The Office of Personnel Management released its annual Labor-Management Relations: Reports of Official Time. It shows that government workers spend some of their time on the job working for increased union power. This is illegal. It’s called stealing.

So instead of only being paid for the job they were hired to do, they use a portion of their time promoting union goals that end up costing taxpayers money. Some of the “official time” is “time spent by Federal employees performing representational work for a bargaining unit in lieu of their regularly assigned work.” In other words, Federal union workers spend time on the job doing union work instead of the job they were hired to do.

The law states that Federal union workers are forbidden to strike. To get around this prohibition, they take time from their jobs that you and I pay for with confiscated money and use it for union activities that empower elected officials to take additional money from us to empower unions. “It’s a mad house. A mad house!”

“During FY 2011, unions represented 1,202,733 non-Postal Federal civil service bargaining unit employees, an increase of 17,048 bargaining unit employees compared to FY 2010. Agencies reported that bargaining unit employees spent a total of 3,395,187 hours performing representational duties on official time, an increase of 9.66 percent compared to FY 2010. Government-wide, the number of official time hours used per bargaining unit employee on representational matters increased from 2.61 hours in FY 2010 to 2.82 hours during FY 2011.”

If this type of activity went on in a private business, the employees would be fired.

Don’t think this has only been going on since Obama took office. As expected, the activity has increased under his tenure as president. State and federal union workers have been subverting politics for a long time. And why not? For every person they help get elected, their union power increases and the coffers of the Democrats are enlarged.

It’s time some legal entity takes up this cause to put a stop to it. Any takers? A case like this would anger the majority of Americans like it did in Wisconsin. We might even get some money back. 3.4 million hours times $15 per hour is a lot of money for the unions to have to pay back.

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