Fear Mongering: What North Korea and President Obama Have in Common

North Korea is nuke-rattling, a form of fear mongering. This is what regimes do when they run out of ideas, bankrupt their nations, and push programs that grow the state and depress the people. Kim Jong-un, the new president of North Korea is a lot like President Obama. He’s made continued threats against his opposition because there’s nothing in his grocery bag.

Jim Cramer pointed out over the week end that President Obama’s repeated fear-mongering over the Sequester has affected employment numbers.

“Remember we had Peggy Noonan on not that long ago,” he continued. “She said ‘Fearmonger-in-Chief.’ The president did make people feel everything’s going to shut down in this country because of the sequester. A lot of CEO’s were very scared. A lot of the small business people held back. The bankers would tell you that. Only Ben Bernanke, Fed chief, got this right. He seemed to understand that the country’s hiring is really coming back down.”

“But why?” asked [David] Gregory. “Is it the sequester?”

“Yes,” Cramer answered. “It was fear that the sequester would cause massive layoffs. Go back in time a month ago. What was the rhetoric of the White House? It was, ‘Look, this is a really big deal. Everyone has to just stop and consider how bad this is going to be for the economy.’”

“Well,” he continued, “the CEOs stopped and considered, and they decided, ‘You know what? We got to hold back.’”

A good president would try to reassure the public. Can you imagine parents using fear as a motivator?

When I was in seminary, I remember a student running from class during a thunder storm. He and his wife lived in a very small house on campus. He had to get there before his wife panicked. I later learned that his wife was deathly afraid of lightning. She would hide between the box springs and mattress during a storm. Her fear of lighting was picked up from the way her mother responded to lightning — in fear!

Americans lived in constant fear of a nuclear holocaust, so much so that people built fallout shelters in their backyards. In the 1950s, students participated in duck-and-cover drills.

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Liberals work off fear; it’s all they have. They want us to “duck and cover” while they rob taxpayers blind and instill fear in low-information voters that if they don’t vote for Democrats, extremist groups like the Tea Party and Evangelical Christians will make take over America and make their lives a living hell.

Instead of responding to real threats to our national sovereignty from foreign groups and nations, terrorist groups, and Muslim extremists (some in our own military), fear tactics are being perpetrated on law-abiding American citizens

In addition to our own government spreading fear, there are groups aligned with Democrats that also spread false charges of extremism to gin up fear:

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is advising the US government of the alleged ‘domestic terror threat’ posed by political conservatives, ‘conspiracy theorists,’ and others skeptical of their government’s policies and behavior. A March 5, 2012 letter to the US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security points to the group’s recent report, ‘The Year in Hate and Extremism.’ The study uses SPLC data to point to an almost one thousand percent upsurge in ‘militias and radical antigovernment groups … from 149 in 2008 to 1,360 in 2012.’”

Fear is the tactic used by all tyrants who want to control the people of a nation.

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