Don’t Force Eric Holder to Resign

Calls for Eric Holder’s resignation are foolish. Voters have short memories. What’s news today is forgotten in a week. By the time November rules around, most voters will be asking, “Eric who?”

Eric Holder is the poster child for the legal corruption that is pervasive in the Obama Administration. As long as the Democrats have to focus on defending him, the more it keeps the conservative base revved up. Holder will be a constant reminder at how often the Obama Administration has subverted the law in order to hold power.

“Judicial Watch thinks Eric Holder should go,” says Tom Fitton. “We already know the Justice Department lied to Congress in denying the key details of Fast and Furious in a letter they had to actually rescind. We know they’re stonewalling Congress.”

That’s OK. Keep the story alive in the press as long as we can. Keep the Democrats off balance. Make them spend time and money defending the administration. This will take time and money from Obama’s reelection efforts. Everywhere he goes, he’ll have to answer questions about Eric Holder.

We can wait until January 2013 to find the real story behind Fast and Furious, intelligence leaks, voter-ID fraud, and other acts of obstructionism.

Then it will be Mitt Romney’s turn to blame the previous administration for all the ills of the new administration.

Vito Corleone said it best: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” We got rid of Van Jones. Now he’s wrecking havoc where we can’t see him. can you imagine how much fun we would be having if he were still in the Obama administration?

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