“Don’t Fight Back. You Might Enrage Your Attacker!”

Most attackers are cowards. This is especially true of rapists. It’s not about sex. It’s mostly about domination. Cowards are good at identifying the powerless and have few qualms about taking advantage of a person’s weakness for fun and/or profit.Consider this:

“Delbert Belton, the 88-year-old World War II veteran who was savagely beaten to death last Wednesday by two teenagers, may have been murdered because he tried to defend himself and fight back while he was being robbed.”

The two young men who murdered Mr. Belton used “big, heavy flashlights.” By the way, that’s one of the reasons we have the Second Amendment. The right to “bear arms” was not designed for hunting; it codified a fundamental — God-given — right to protect ourselves from thugs like Mr. Belton’s murderers.

Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub seems to imply that Mr. Belton should have let the attackers have their way with him and damn the consequences:

“Our information is that the individual fought back and that may have made this, you know, a worse situation.”

What should Mr. Belton have done if he perceived that there was true physical threat? Is it now the fault of victims when they get pummeled to death because they may have agitated the thugs?

Will this be a new defense strategy if this type of case comes to trial? “Mr. Belton’s actions enraged my poor clients. If he had just stood there and taken it, he would still be alive and the defendants wouldn’t be on trial for murder. Your honor, the fault lies with the so-called victim. Although he can’t speak for himself, but he’s the one who should be on trial.”

So ladies, if you are about to be assaulted in any way, just lie still and let it happen. If this message gets out to the rapists, it’s going to be a rape free-for-all:

“It is absolutely false to argue that there is ever a time where you should lie there and take it,” Caroline Heldman Occidental College said. “These strategies support the idea that females are inherently vulnerable and violable. But all humans are vulnerable if you know how to exploit their weaknesses.”

Maybe we shouldn’t lock our doors or purchase security systems for our homes because criminals might be enraged and burn them down.

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