Donald Sterling Could be a Racist as Long as He Supported Democrats and Didn’t Get Caught

Donald Sterling owns the Los Angeles Clippers. I didn’t know LA had another NBA team, and I had never heard of Donald Sterling. It seems he made some bigoted remarks about blacks and Hispanics that his girlfriend V. Stiviano (who is half-black and half-Mexican) secretly recorded. Here are two of them.

“It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?”

Here’s another one:

“You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it … and not to bring them to my games.”

You can read these and other comments in context here.

In nearly all the articles I’ve read about Donald Sterling and this particular incident, it seems that he has a long history of bigoted remarks, as Kyle Wagner points out:

“Remember that these aren’t the unfortunate offhand comments of an old man. These are expressions of a worldview that Sterling has acted upon time and time again, with real effects on real people, with little to no response from the NBA or its players. The difference in this case is the visceral effect of actually hearing him say these things out loud and oh so matter-of-factly. It’s enough for even an actor as careful as LeBron James to feel empowered to take a flamethrower to Sterling, saying, ‘There is no room for Donald Sterling in our league.’”

So why wasn’t he dealt with long ago? In fact, it’s amazing how many past racist and bigoted remarks made by Sterling have been so readily available by the media. For some reason, the media haven’t reported on them.

So why wasn’t there a call for sanctions against him decades ago? It’s not as if he made a racially insensitive remark two decades ago and this latest privately recorded conversation is something new. “In 2009 Sterling was subject to the largest housing discrimination lawsuit payout ever, related to his attempts to evict blacks and Hispanics from his properties.” Even so, no one seems to have been bothered by it, not even the LA Branch of the NAACP that was about to give a lifetime achievement award to Sterling.

None of this is hard to figure out. Sterling is a Democrat. He’s been a donor to liberal causes and candidates. He even lives the liberal lifestyle. He’s still married but shacks up with women that could be the age of a granddaughter. In reality, she’s a high priced call girl.

A lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife claims that gifts to V. Stiviano “included a $1.8 million duplex in Los Angeles . . . four cars—a Ferrari, two Bentleys and a Range Rover—worth about $500,000, as well as about $240,000 to pay ‘living expenses.’” For a liberal, Sterling was living the good libertine life. If he had been on a late-night talk show and told of his sexual exploits, he would have gotten hearty approval from the audience. Bill Clinton couldn’t have done it better.

The liberals were protecting Sterling because he was faithful in funding the liberal cause by getting behind liberal candidates. Liberals don’t care who he’s shacking up with.

But now that the recordings are out, and too many people know what a bigot he is, Sterling has become damaged goods. He’s got to go.

You can be a racist in the Democrat Party as long as you keep signing those donation checks, but sometimes the price is too high.

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