Democrats Surrender and Admit Their Crimes on the House Floor With Hands Up

When I saw a number of Democrats with their hands up on the floor do the House of Representatives, it made me laugh.

Usually left-leaning Joe Scarborough had had enough of their sanctimonious stupidity:

“He excoriated a number of members of the Congressional Black Caucus took to the House floor with their hands raised in a gesture of surrender in order to express solidarity with Brown who many claim performed the same act before he was shot. The only problem with this, Scarborough exclaimed, is that it never happened”

I saw it differently as three things immediately came to mind as a picture of three congressmen was shown that made look they had just robbed a bank. In fact, they have been robbing us for decades.

They finally look like the criminals they are. All they need are striped prison garb or orange jump suits. Orange, they say, is the new black.

First, it was an admission of guilt. They have been gouging Americans with their leftist/Marxist rhetoric and policies for so long that putting their hands up showed the American people that they are crooks.

Second, with their hands up, it means they can’t put their hands on our wallets. I hope they keep their hands up.

Third, the best feeling came over me when I first saw the hands up gesture that finally the Democrats had surrendered for all their crimes against the American people.

Tell me that this doesn’t look good:

Hands up

Now if we can only get more of them to surrender.

It’s too bad that the Republicans have been surrendering to liberals for so long that their arms are tired. That’s why we don’t see them with their hands up.

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