Democrats Still Pushing False Assault Weapon Narrative in Navy Yard Shooting

Democrat strategist Steve McMahon was on MSNBC with Chris Jansing Monday evening pushing for more gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Navy Yard shooting:

“I think you’re absolutely right that the NRA has the politicians in Washington and many state legislatures completely spooked, but Wayne LaPierre talked about mental health and I think he ought to perhaps have I think a little bit more about that himself.

“If he’s suggesting that there weren’t guns at the Navy Yard when this gunman walked in and shot 13 people, he’s crazy. There were guns everywhere. And this person walked in with an assault weapon, and he was able get off enough rounds to kill 12 people instantly, or nearly instantly. And everybody with the guns stood around and watched or apparently were unable to stop him. The guns were present. It was a Navy facility. It’s ridiculous.”

If McMahon does not know that the Navy Yard shooter did not bring an “assault rifle” through the Yard’s inept or inadequate security system, then he has no business being on an interview show. And if the interviewer did not know that the shooter brought in a disassembled shotgun through security and not an “assault weapon,” then he has no business hosting an interview show.

What about the claim that there were “guns everywhere”? The shooter knew that other than the security guards, he was entering a gun-free zone. Because the shooter had a high level of security clearance, he was not put through the security ringer.

The shot gun that Aaron Alexis brought into the Navy Yard was purchased legally. Some will say that Alexis had mental health issues and should not have been able to purchase even a shot gun. Apparently the shooter’s mental health problems didn’t stop him from getting and keeping his security clearance documents.

Let’s keep in mind that it was Joe Biden who recommended that people purchase a shot gun, and President Obama showed us by example that it’s OK to own and practice firing a shot gun. Even Bill Maher got it right: “Joe Biden said, ‘buy a shotgun.’ That’s what this guy did, he bought a shotgun.”

No amount of additional gun control laws is going to stop deranged, medicated, and envy-motivated people from going on a killing rampage.

We’ve seen what gun control has done in Kenya. It was an armed man that stopped some of the mall shooting.

“An Ex-Royal Marine with a handgun saved 100 people as Islamists attacked the Kenyan Westgate Mall. According to the Daily Mail, the former Marine was having coffee with friends in Westgate Mall when the attack began. Armed only with his handgun, he immediately began gathering people and getting them out of the building.”

Shopping malls are soft targets, much like elementary schools, movie theaters, and, yes, the Navy Yard.

More restrictive gun control laws (there are already hundreds on the books) will only make the law-abiding more vulnerable.

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