Democrats who Opposed Keystone XL Pipeline Should Not be Allowed to Buy Gasoline

The latest Democrat foible was to vote down the Keystone XL pipeline project. These nut jobs are so out of touch with political reality that they were willing to sacrifice a Louisiana Senate seat to the Republicans.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren wrote, “I oppose Keystone XL, an ill-conceived project locking us into further dependence on some of the dirtiest fossil fuels on the planet.” For the foreseeable future, we are dependent on fossil fuels, not just for our cars but for thousands of other products.

The he State Department’s own environmental review process, “released in January, found the project would pose no ‘significant’ environmental danger.”

The world runs on oil, not windmills or solar panels. Our national security depends on the free flow of oil. Depending on antagonistic foreign sources for oil makes us vulnerable. The Keystone pipeline, as well as drilling projects in other parts of the United States, is a national security issue. If we ever find ourselves cut off from foreign oil, we would not be able to survive as a nation without domestic sources for petroleum.

Let’s send a list of all the Democrats who voted against the Keystone XL pipeline to every gas station in the United States barring them from getting gasoline for their cars. No more flying on airplanes. They can’t take the bus. Of course, they can’t hitchhike since they would be riding in cars powered by a petroleum product. Not even bicycles since the tires are made from oil, and the chain is lubricated with oil.

For Elizabeth Warren, no lipstick, nylons, carpets, Tupperware, or central heating and air. (Am I being sexist?) It’s back to the Stone Age for her and her anti-fossil fuel nincompoops. And no horse and buggies, since horses are worse polluters than automobiles.

It’s obvious that the Democrats were not impacted in any way by the drubbing they got in the midterm elections.

They are acting as if nothing happened. Obama is still pushing his anti-global warming agenda while the United States is in a deep freeze. A new study reports that 1,360 cold weather records were broken over the last week.

Of course, one week of cold weather does not make a trend, but we have seen enough of these cold weather reports that they cannot be dismissed. In fact, some scientists are arguing that the climate has been in a cold spell for the past 13 years.

It’s no wonder that global warming fanatics have dropped the warming label and have gone to “climate change.” How can you lose when the climate changes every day?

Do you know how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere (nitrogen accounts for 78% with oxygen at nearly 21% — that’s 99%)? “[C]arbon dioxide is the least abundant gas in the atmosphere at 0.036%.” That’s it!

Plants need CO2. Where is most of our food grown? In warm climates. We want CO2. We need CO2. Plants are natural scrubbers of carbon dioxide. They love the stuff, and we love them because they give us O2 – oxygen.

One of the arguments against the oil that will flow through the Keystone XL Pipeline is that it will add “greenhouse gasses” to the atmosphere. I don’t know how this will be possible since the oil will flow through pipes underground. Once the pipe is buried, along with thousands of miles of existing pipes that crisscross the United States, we won’t even know it’s there.

It will eventually be refined and turned into gasoline, diesel fuel, and more than six thousand other products. You see, oil isn’t just used to produce gasoline. Thousands of items are made from petroleum. Here’s a 12-page list of items – everything from fertilizers and irrigation pipes to ballpoint pens and adhesive tapes of all kinds. Even crayons and Duct Tape.

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