Compassion for Jack Osbourne’s Multiple Sclerosis but Derision for Ann Romney’s

My wife and I were checking out of Lowe’s Home Improvement last night when at the check out we saw Jack and Sharon Osbourne on the cover of People Magazine’s July 2, 2012 issue. (Don’t ask me why People was in a home improvement store.) The teaser copy read:

Jack Osbourne’s Multiple Sclerosis. “I won’t Let My Son Die.” Exclusive Interview. Sharon and Jack Osbourne on the diagnosis that has the 26-year-old fighting to save his vision, his future and his life.

Here’s part of the story:

Jack Osbourne knew something was wrong last month when his vision was failing him.

“I couldn’t see anything in front of me,” Osbourne, 26, tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. But when he sought medical help for that problem, he received a shocking diagnosis.

Multiple sclerosis was to blame for his vision loss – 80 percent in his right eye. He’s now beginning medication and adopting a healthier diet regimen to help reduce symptoms of the disease, which attacks the brain and spinal cord and can affect vision, movement and cognition. And luckily, his vision has also improved. “It’s just one of those things you take as it comes,” says Jack. “It’s all about your outlook.”

Just weeks after receiving the news, Jack and his mother Sharon opened up in an emotional interview with PEOPLE at Jack’s parents’ home. Says Sharon: “The first thing Ozzy and I asked ourselves was, ‘What did we do wrong?’“

Despite the initial devastation, the entire Osbourne clan is determined to maintain positivity, especially Jack, who is optimistic about his prognosis. “My life is far from over,” he says.

Our hearts go out to Jack and the Osbourne family. MS is a devastating disease that incapacitates many lives.

Without taking anything from the Osbournes, let’s see how Ann Romney’s MS has been treated by the press. Her MS does not seem as severe as Jack’s. Even so, she has MS. Here’s how Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC (naturally) handled Ann Romney’s MS in an interview with her husband:

MITT ROMNEY: Yes, it’s the sport of dressage. Not many people are familiar with it, but something for which she has a passion, and frankly, her getting back on a horse after she was diagnosed with MS was able, she’s convinced, to help her regenerate her strength and renew that vigor.

O’DONNELL: Now, this is not in any way to make light of Ann Romney’s difficulty with MS, it’s obviously a very difficult thing to bear. And there are a lot of things you can do to try to deal with MS. But, come on, dressage does not appear in any of the more traditional courses of treatment.

So now Mr. O’Donnell gets to decide how Ann Romney wants to help deal with her MS? He’s not alone in ridiculing Ann Romney and her horse riding as therapy for her MS.Jack’s father, Ozzy Osbourne of the English band Black Sabbath, is worth around $90 million. Sharon is worth around $40 million. I suspect that they will do and spend what they believe is best for their son in order to help him through his ordeal.

What these journalistic sycophants really hate is that there are people out there who are better than they are. Of course, the ultimate goal in all of this is to keep Barack Obama in office so they can claim that they were king makers. My destroying Mitt and Ann Romney, they can argue that they were king destroyers.

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