Comments on the Rapture Debate With Kent Hovind from One of the Attendees and Link to the Debate

The following are comments from Kevin Pulley who brought two of his children to the debate I did on the Rapture with Kent Hovind. Here’s the link to the video.


My audio is out of sync. The audio work was done by Kent Hovind’s people.

Here’s the link to the audio. There is no charge:



I went to a debate tonight (1/21/20) between Gary DeMar and Kent Hovind on the topic of the Rapture. It was… interesting. Gary was obviously prepared for the debate, being very familiar with Kent’s positions (specifically having read Hovind’s latest book on the subject). Hovind literally didn’t even know who Gary DeMar was until he walked into the room one minute before the debate started. I mean, like he literally asked Gary who he was and what type of church he attended. I was blown away.

In the actual debate, Gary definitely performed better and was more knowledgeable on the subject than Kent Hovind. He stuck to the text at hand kept asking Kent for any example in scripture where there is a gap in time that isn’t specifically stated. (Kent’s position is that there is a 2,000+ year gap between the 69th week and 70th week in the 70-week prophecy in Daniel 9, even though one isn’t mentioned). Gary repeatedly asked where any of what Kent was saying could be found in the Bible. Kent’s only defense was pretty much “well there isn’t one, but there doesn’t mean there can’t be one. The Bible doesn’t say I have a black laptop but I have one”. ?

Some Friends of Gary DeMar (far left) Who Came to the Debate. Kent Hovind is in the Colorful Shirt. You Can just see the top of Sponge Bob’s Head

Super weird environment too. This definitely wasn’t a professionally set up debate; it was literally in Hovind’s personal library at his dinosaur compound. There was no debate moderator and Kent pretty much got to decide what he wanted to talk about and for how long etc. There was a brief Q&A session at the end and the audience members only asked Gary questions and asked stuff he extensively covered already in the debate. You could see the frustration on Gary’s face trying to explain the same thing over and over and over while trying to be sensitive to the KJVO folks that were asking the questions (trying to explain that certain words used in the KJV don’t actually mean what they think they mean, like “the world” in certain places in Greek does not literally mean “the entire world”.) Those stuck in KJVO fundamentalism I think had a hard time digesting something that wasn’t in “the preserved word of God in 1611 Kings English” and unfortunately, I don’t think they cared for an answer that you had to use one of the “perverted” modern translations or the original Greek/Hebrew which they were translated from.

It was a good experience though. I took Kaylynn and Jackson with me (of their own free will) and they were engaged throughout the debate and we had a pretty good discussion on the long dark drive home as well. Worth the almost two-hour drive through the backwoods of Alabama for sure.

I also got autographed copies of the updated “Last Days Madness” by Gary and his newest book “The Rapture and the Fig Tree Generation” for free! He had about double the drive I did so I didn’t get a lot of time to talk to him (and others were still trying to argue about a 2,000-year gap between the 69th and 70th weeks in the Daniel 9 prophecy) but super cool guy. Very smart and showed a LOT of patience.

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