Carbon Dioxide Makes up What Percent of the Air we Breathe?

If we pay attention to the news media about Climate Change, we would come away with the false impression that CO² is a poisonous gas that is filling the air we breathe.

If the USA does not rejoin the Paris Agreement and fork over billions of dollars in carbon credits to the “global community, within five years we’re going to see our coastal towns under water. In addition, according to the ACLU, you’re also a racist.

Here’s what Washington, DC, will look like if we don’t cut greenhouse gas — CO² — emissions NOW!

Here’s a simple fact-based science question: CO² makes up ____ percent of the air we breathe.

◊ 50 Percent

◊ 40 percent

◊ 10 percent

◊ Less than half of one percent.

The following is from the always informative Eric Peters at Eric Peters Autos:

[T]he total atmospheric concentration of CO² is less than half a percent of the “air” we breath. Which is mostly nitrogen – almost 80 percent – the remaining almost 20 percent being oxygen and lesser gases.

There is much more Argon in the “air” – almost one full percent of the total! – than CO². But because Argon does not come out of the tailpipes of cars, it is not regarded as an agent of “climate change.”

But CO² is, we’re told – and the Paris Agreement would have cemented its regulation as a “pollutant,” just like gasses you can smell and which make you sick or even kill you – none of which [is] carbon dioxide, in the fractional amounts produced by motor vehicles, could even possibly do to you.

Keep in mind that the grand total of all the carbon dioxide from every source, natural as well as man-made, that is floating around in the “air” is less than half of one percent of the total.1

The masses “have been taught by TeeVee to believe – and that is exactly the right word, in the religious sense – that ‘human activity’ (not just the activity of motor vehicles) is pouring immense volumes of carbon dioxide into the air.”

It’s a perversion of religion; it’s a cult. And like so many cults’ it’s about money, control, and power.

  1. About 0.041%. []
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