“You can’t do this to us!” Trump just hit the liberal media where it counts

Newspapers depend on advertising revenue to earn a profit. If they have no news to report, they lose money. Trump just punched them in the gut…

Let’s begin with a premise: the news media is declining in influence.

The Internet is rapidly making them irrelevant. Their quarterly financial reports and declining circulation continue to prove this.

The news media is liberal, and they hate Trump. Yet he draws them like moths to a flame. They have been mesmerized since before he was elected President. In fact, they probably helped to get him elected. They provided him practically free news coverage. Every time he opened his mouth and made some outrageous remark, they were there.

They kept thinking that he would finally say something so outrageous that he would lose supporters. He only kept gaining them.


The liberals are blind. They think everybody deep down identifies as a liberal in their heart of hearts. As it turns out, most people despise the idea of transgender public bathrooms. Yet they think everyone will be outraged that Trump reversed Federal support for this ridiculous idea.

Who really wants boys in the bathroom with their daughters?

Since getting into office, they’ve only been hostile to him. He repeatedly claims they are producing fake news. Fake news is harmful to the public. So, Trump has refused to call on established agencies during press conferences, like CNN. He lectures them in front of the entire media room. “You’re fake news.”

Last week, Trump launched the next wave in his escalating war against the hostile press: he held a private press conference and blocked access to several bigtime news outlets.

They are foaming at the mouths over his audacity. The Washington Post complained:

“It’s appalling that the White House would exclude news outlets like the New York Times, CNN, Politico, the Los Angeles Times, and BuzzFeed from its publicly announced briefings. This is an undemocratic path that the administration is traveling. There is nothing to be gained from the White House restricting the public’s access to information. We are currently evaluating what our response will be if this sort of thing happens again.”


The New York Times is outraged: “nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties.”

These news companies are flailing around on the ground like a misbehaving 3-year-old child. They repeatedly attack Trump, and now they get upset when he punishes them.

Fact: Trump isn’t “restricting the public’s access to information.” He is restricting the access of liberal news media outlets like CNN, The New York Times, and so on.

Let’s look at another fact: Trump has 20 million Twitter followers. Some number of them are fake. Everybody has fake Twitter followers. He doesn’t have as many as Obama does. But Trump uses Twitter unlike Obama ever did.

If Trump wants to get the news out, he lights up the accounts of his followers. If he’s about to give a speech, he tweets a link to the live broadcast. People tune in.


The news media is increasingly irrelevant. Trump can send out a tweet and reach 20 million people in an instant. This number will grow over his presidency. The liberal newspapers no longer control the flow of information like they did before the Internet.

This drives them nuts.

So long and good riddance.

They can scream all they want about how unprofessional or unfair Trump is being. But it won’t change the fact that their influence is declining. They are old news. The Internet has destroyed their dominance.

People no longer have to be forced to choke down the liberal opinions of the news media. The Internet has given them tons of options. So, they can read news from any viewpoint they choose.

Trump is helping to accelerate the deaths of the liberal monopoly over news. The message is no longer controlled by a handful of corporations who profess the same faith in big government. The Internet has fractured the message. It is fracturing opinions. This is positive for liberty.

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