How Can Chirlane McCray de Blasio be a ‘Former’ Lesbian?

NY Magazine is reporting that “Before she was married to New York City public advocate and Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, Chirlane McCray was a lesbian. “ How is this possible?

“Once gay, always gay.” Isn’t this what we’ve always heard?

“I was born that way. . .  Homosexuality is not a choice. . . You didn’t choose to be heterosexual. I didn’t choose to be homosexual.” The claims go on and on.

When someone leaves the same-sex lifestyle, the homosexual community goes into recovery mode: “The person’s in denial.” Is Mrs. De Blasio in denial?

The homosexual propaganda machine is so paranoid over the truth that homosexuality is a choice that it has worked very hard to deny therapy to children who have same-sex desires.

California was the first state to pass an anti-gay therapy law. Included in the prohibition to counsel people out of homosexual behavior are bisexuality and transgenderism that includes hormonal therapy and sex organ reassignment surgery, thus, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender).

Now New Jersey has passed a similar law making it illegal for counselors to suggest that homosexuality and other sex acts are not fixed. Gov. Chris Christie signed the bill into law. “In releasing his signing statement . . . Christie’s office included a comment he made to CNN in which he said that despite his church’s stance, Christie has ‘always believed that people are born with the predisposition to be homosexual.’”

We all grow up with desires to do things that we shouldn’t. How many young people have the desire to strike out at someone in a violent way? Almost every child has had the desire to steal, damage property, drink excessively, take drugs, or act on numerous desires. Over time they learn not to act on them.

We hear stories of teenagers who rape and kill. What should we think of teenage pedophiles?

Are these all “orientations” that are “fixed”? Why just homosexuality? Why can’t the case be made that whatever sexual thought comes into a person’s head that the desire is by its very nature an orientation that needs to be protected by law?

There are people who have engaged in homosexuality for a long time and who no longer do so. The desire may still be there, like we all have desires to do things, but they’re not always acted on.

Consider the story of Rosaria Champagne Butterfield who was a committed lesbian radical.Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely convert

“In 1999, Rosaria Champagne Butterfield was a tenured English professor at Syracuse University, a skeptic of all things Christianity, and in a committed lesbian relationship. Her academic specialty was Queer Theory, a postmodern form of gay and lesbian studies.

“Today Butterfield is a mother of four, a homemaker, and wife of a Presbyterian pastor named Kent. They live in Durham, North Carolina.”

Check out her book and view an interview with Rosaria at her website.

Sinful desires are always with us. Acting on them is the issue. Although Rosaria is a married mother, she “says her former life ‘lurks in the edges of my heart, shiny and still like a knife.’” And so it is with all of us.

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