Call it a ‘Safety Security Entryway’ not a ‘Wall’

Donald Trump has said that as President he would build a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States to stop the flow of illegal immigration. “It’s gonna be a great wall,” Trump said. “This will be a wall with a big, very beautiful door because we want the legals to come back into the country.”

Most people don’t like to hear about building walls. They think of the Berlin wall or the many security walls in Israel. I saw a meme on Facebook comparing a wall to stop the flow of immigration to Nazism and Communism. The difference, of course, is that totalitarian regimes build walls to keep their people in.

Whoever controls the language controls the debate. If you can control the language, you can control ideas. By controlling ideas, you can control the way people think and act. It’s time conservatives think about the type of language we use to make our points.

Before Frank Schaeffer went over to the Dark Side, he had some good things to say about how liberals think and act. His analysis of language is still applicable:

“Think of the use of labels to categorize political activity. Some labels are used to neutralize the actions of certain groups; others denote being ‘one of us,’ acceptable. The words ‘right wing,’ ‘fundamentalist,’ ‘pro-life,’ ‘absolutist,’ and ‘deeply religious,’ are put-downs more than categories. Conversely, think of the unspoken pat on the back and blessing that the following words convey: ‘moderate,’ ‘pluralistic,’ ‘liberal,’ ‘civil libertarian,’ ‘pragmatic,’ and ‘enlightened.” ((Franky Schaeffer, A Time for Anger: The Myth of Neutrality (Westchester, IL: Crossway Books, 1982), 15.))

Social Security is hardly secure. The Affordable Care Act is not affordable, and if any part of it is, it’s because some people are being forced to pay for the healthcare of other people.

Free education is not free. It costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year, and millions of people never use the educational system that they are forced to pay for.

Liberals have been good at naming programs that sound good to the public. Killing unborn babies is all about “choice” and a woman’s “right” to what she wants with her own body. People who engage in same-sex sexuality long ago adopted the euphemism “gay” to divert attention away from what men do with one another sexually, and it’s worked. “Love” is the new word for anal intercourse.

Now we come to building a wall along the Mexican-American border. “Build the wall,” conservatives shout.

Let’s change the debate by building what conservatives really want. Conservatives are not against immigration. They are against a well-planned foreign invasion to take over the United States from the inside.

Instead of saying we want to build a wall, let’s say we want to build a ‘Safety Security Entryway.’ Like Trump points out, there will be a door – an entryway. Our homes have doors, but we don’t let everyone in. There is access but on the owner’s terms.

This entryway would be designed for national security and the safety of all US citizens.

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