Photoshopped Bruce Jenner is Being Used to Force us to Submit to the Perverse

The media are gushing over the cover of Vanity Fair magazine that shows one-time Olympic athlete and gold medal winner Bruce Jenner dressed up to look like a woman.

This is supposed to convince us that transgenderism is real. Give me a break. Dressing a man to look like a woman does not make a man a woman. Bruce Jenner is still a man even if he lops off his male parts, puts on makeup, wears a wig, gets a lot of help from Photoshop, and the leftists tell us otherwise.

No matter how much Bruce Jenner thinks he’s Caitlyn, he’s still Bruce, and he will still be Bruce the day he dies. Like homosexuals who believe they are a third sex, they can never reproduce in same-sex relationships. They have to enter the heterosexual world to bear children, whether by adoption or surrogacy. Nature would repudiate such behavior and exclude them from the population.

Bruce Jenner Photoshop

No amount of Photoshopping can turn Bruce into a “Caitlyn”

Only idiot humans believe they can change what God has made. We shouldn’t be surprised since at this liberals have always believed they are smarter than God, and if they don’t believe in God, they make themselves gods.

Vanity Fair magazine is the appropriate venue to display the mangled monstrosity of Bruce Jenner who believes that with hormone treatments and the removal of his penis and testicles that he can — presto-change-o — become a woman.

Vanity Fair appears in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress (1678) and brilliantly describes today’s attempt to manipulate reality and force all to accept that manipulation or be burned at the stake:

“Just outside the Valley of the Shadow of Death [Christian] meets Faithful, also a former resident of the City of Destruction, who accompanies him to Vanity Fair, a place built by Beelzebub where everything to a human’s tastes, delights, and lusts are sold daily, where both are arrested and detained because of their disdain for the wares and business of the Fair. Faithful is put on trial, and executed by burning at the stake as a martyr.”

vanity fair

Vanity Fair in John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress”

The Bruce Jenners of the world and their enablers are the occupants of Vanity Fair. The normal people are viewed as abnormal and are derided as they pass through, and if they don’t join the crowd and their debased culture there will be a liberal version’s of hell to pay.

Isn’t this what is happening? Anybody showing disdain for the wares and business of the fair are put on trial . . . literally. If they don’t ascent to the butchery and comply with the lie that same-sex sexuality is normal and moral, they will pay a price. Some have already become martyrs for refusing to love Big Brother and his courts and mandates. Do I exaggerate? If you do, then consider Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, who were fined $135,000 for not agreeing that people of the same sex should be married by baking them a Vanity Fair cake.

As much as Bruce and the rest of gay world insists, I will not call Bruce “Caitlyn.”

Bottom line, Bruce Jenner learned from being on the Kardashian reality show that if you want to make money, you need to be a woman and do something outlandish. This was the way for Jenner to cash in.

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