Bill Nye the UnScience Guy

Over the weekend I was in Pittsburgh attending my 45th high school reunion. While in the hotel I was flipping through the channels and came across Bill Maher’s show where he was interviewing Bill Nye “The Science Guy.” They were talking about religion and science.

Maher tried to argue that “religion is the enemy of science,” and Nye claimed that “evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science — in all of biology.”

Nye went on to say that not to believe in evolution “holds everybody back.” Early in the segment, Nye said the following:

“If you want an iPhone, you still have to have the United States. . . Innovation is what’s going to make the United States’ economy grow.”

I would like Nye to explain how not believing that the cosmos came into existence out of nothing and that life spontaneously generated itself has anything to do with the design and manufacture of the iPhone.

In fact, the design and manufacture of the iPhone (and everything else) is prima facie evidence that evolution is impossible. The iPhone did not design and build itself. If the cosmos was a trillion billion years old there is no way that an iPhone could have evolved into what we see today. And yet we are being forced to believe in our nation’s government schools that human beings – the designers and builders of iPhones – evolved.

In addition to the Maher-Nye segment, I was listening to the local NPR station while driving to pick up a hoagie and Danny’s Parkview Pizza in Bethel Park, Pa., and heard an interesting report about robots. The question that was being asked in all the segments was this: Will robots ever become self-conscious sentient beings? Sentience is the ability to feel, perceive, and reason independent of any outside direction or input.

Humans don’t need programming or someone to plug them in to a power source. Humans gather information and think for themselves. They also self-replicate. Robots do not.

Not once in any of the segments did anyone ask about the relationship between man the designer and maker of robots and the designer and maker of humans. Why are we bothering to design and build robots in our own image when, according to evolutionary theory, biological life that includes sentience arose spontaneously?

If evolution is true, we should see in the scrap yards of America robots evolving independent of human interference. But even that’s not good enough since we have scrap yards because of sentient beings called humans who throw away designed and manufactured materials. For robot evolution to be real evolution, it needs to happen spontaneously.

Nye and evolutionists in general are the ones who are anti-science when it comes to human origins. Science is about observation and hypothesis testing. The ability to bring sight and sound to billions of people around the world as Maher and Nye do in their shows is contrary to everything evolution teaches. Every piece of electronic equipment was designed and built. Not a single item evolved unless the claim is made that “change” is evolution. It’s not. Bacteria remain bacteria, and viruses remain viruses.

Nye is a propagandist who is living off borrowed capital. He is living in a designed world and designed body and mind to argue for the rejection of the Designer.

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