Biden to Play ‘Crazy’ Joe Davola in New Seinfeld Episode

If you have been following the post-debate commentary on Joe Biden’s performance, you already know that Crazy Joe showed up. My wife was immediately turned off by his antics. People who saw the debate tell me that they didn’t hear a thing Biden said. They only saw his facial expressions, demeaning attitude, smirky smile, and constant interruptions. Maybe the liberal base likes this kind of stuff, but it turns off women and independents. I think the gender gap just leaped to the Democrats.

If I had been Paul Ryan, I would have said the following after Biden when off the rails:

“I feel like I’m in a Seinfeld episode, and you’re Crazy Joe Davola.”

“Crazy” Joe Davola is a minor Seinfeld character who suffers from mental instability and aggressive behavior. Davola even looks like Joe Biden without the hair plugs.

It’s Davola’s smirk and passive aggressive behavior that’s so unnerving. Here’s a clip from a Seinfeld episode where Davola’s character threatens to put the “kibosh” on Jerry. Tell me what you think. Isn’t he the spitting image of Joe Biden?:

I have some well-intentioned friends who often act like Crazy Joe Davola. (You know who you are.) They think their rude comments are effective in winning debates. They might be right on the facts, but their language, name-calling, and persona of intellectual superiority turns people off.

When they post articles, I note how many comments they get. Not many. I told one of these guys that he’ll always have a following, but it will be a small following.

Let’s hope the same is true for “Crazy” Joe Biden who hoped to take out the opposition by trying to put the kibosh on Paul Ryan.

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