Basketball Thug Charles Barkley Threatens to Beat Mitt Romney Like a Drum

“Mitt Romney, listen man. We’re gonna beat you like a drum in November,” former NBA player Charles Barkley said during the TNT broadcast of Sunday night’s Celtics game. “Don’t take it personally. I like you. You seem like a nice guy. But you’re going down, bro.”

Liberals have accused the Tea Party of being racists. In addition, there was an incident where Tea Party members were accused of spitting on some Democrat officials as they walked by them. There is no evidence of either claim. There is no comparison between the behavior of the Tea Party and the Occupiers, a group supported by a number of noted Democrats.

In October of 2011, Rep. Nancy Pelosi told reporters, “God bless them for their spontaneity. It’s young, it’s spontaneous, it’s focused and it’s going to be effective.” She went on to say that the Occupy Wall Street protests “strengthened our democracy.”

We have evidence of supporters of President of Obama using verbal thuggery in an attempt to intimidate conservatives. Union thug Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. had this to say at a campaign rally for President Obama:

“Let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.”

The SOB’s were conservatives who were speaking out against the free-spending ways of our elected officials — Democrats and Republicans.

Hoffa’s comments were made prior to the introduction of the President who was to speak at the rally. What was the president’s response to Hoffa’s comments? Did he disavow his violent rhetoric? He did not. Did he distance himself from the union boss’s comments later in the day? He did not.

Here’s what President Obama said: “We are proud of . . . Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa,” who along with Michigan liberal Congressmen, Senators, and union officials “who are working every single day with your state and local elected officials to create jobs and economic growth and prosperity here in Michigan and across the country.”

Violent rhetoric is an integral part of the new Democrat Party. Charles Barkley exhibits all the racial and sports’ stereotypes that decent Americans– black and white — are trying to get away from. There is racism and bigotry in America and Barkley is helping to keep these baser cultural elements alive for political gain. Without the ability to claim ‘victimhood,’ the race baiters would have to take a hard look at their own community. It’s easier to blame than change.

Barkley sounds like the stereotypical black thug that many blacks claim do not exist in any disproportionate way.

I apply the Republican test to comments like Barkley’s. How would the liberal media respond if a noted high-profile conservative had used similar language about President Obama?

This isn’t the first time Barkley has spewed verbal sewage. “The retired star’s mouth got him in trouble in March when he told Jim Rome that ‘20%’ of NBA fans were so vile and mean-spirited that they deserved to be shot.”

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