Atheists Protest, Cry, and Whine for Being Depicted With Horns


Atheists come out in droves as we approach the end of the year and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. They go trolling for sympathetic judges that will shut down any government acknowledgement of Jesus’ birth. The latest atheist “victory” comes from the city of Santa Monica.

The Washington Post reports –

“There’s no room for the baby Jesus, the manger or the wise men this Christmas in a Santa Monica park following a judge’s ruling Monday against churches that tried to keep a 60-year Nativity tradition alive after atheists stole the show with anti-God messages.

“U.S. District Judge Audrey B. Collins rejected a motion from the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee to allow the religious display this season while their lawsuit plays out against the city.”

Kind of ironic, don’t you think, that this happened in Santa Monica,  a city named after an early Christian saint, the mother of Saint Augustine of Hippo, by a judge who took an oath to uphold the Constitution that includes the phrase “Done in the Year of our Lord,” 1787 years from the birth of Jesus.

In addition, every government employee, local, state, and federal, will get Christmas day off with pay. This seems a bit hypocritical.

It’s OK for atheists to attack Christians as fools and argue that they believe in a god that’s akin to believing in Santa Clause and the tooth fairy, but it’s not OK to ridicule atheists. For example, an atheist billboard carried the following text aimed at Christians:

“Sadistic God; Useless Savior, 30,000+ Version of ‘Truth.’ Promotes Hate, Calls it ‘Love.’”

Now an atheist group has its panties in a wad because someone drew horns on a smiling atheist who adorned a billboard paid for by the Freedom of Religion Foundation.

Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor, wrote the following in an email:

“It reveals how nonbelievers are still stigmatized, even in a community like Portland, where statistics show that a quarter of the population identifies as nonreligious.”

She went on to say that “atheists don’t have horns . . . it is literally demonizing us.” What does she care if atheists are portrayed as beings they say don’t exist? While I don’t approve of defacing property, even if it’s the property of atheists, I have to laugh at the charge that atheists are being “stigmatized.” So what have the new atheists being doing to Christians for the last ten years or so?

One last thing. There is no property, prohibitions of the defacement of property, or law breaking of any kind given the operating assumptions of an atheistic, materialistic, something-from-nothing evolutionary worldview. Atheists have no real reason to complain about anything. They are simply caught up in the vortex of evolutionary development.

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