Are Christians Being ‘Too Political’?

Is it any wonder that Christians are losing their hard-fought freedoms?

Christian radio network K-LOVE found itself under fire after it initially refused to run promo spots on its stations for the newly released pro-life film, “Unplanned.”

Please tell me what’s not political? Everything is political. That’s the point. The reasons Christians should be involved in politics is to lessen the impact that civil government has on so many areas of life. You can’t do that without getting involved in politics.

The Bible is filled with politics, both good and bad.

Today, politics — civil government — is involved in every area of our lives:

  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Healthcare
  • Art
  • Economics
  • Science
  • Property
  • The Military
  • Abortion
  • Marriage
  • Commerce
  • Taxes
  • Air
  • Water
  • Climate
  • Business
  • Roads

You name a subject, and I bet the government has some law regulating it.

I saw the following comment to my article “Jesus Has Not Called Us to be Doormats.”

Which of the Ten Commandments says I should even vote? “Though He slay me, still I will trust Him…”

Here was my response:

Are you claiming that if an intruder breaks into your house, steals your stuff, rapes your wife, and kills your children that it’s OK not to take precautions to see to it that such a person does not do these things, and your answer would be “Though He slay me, still I will trust Him…”?

Consider supporting the work of American Vision with a tax-deductible donation.

Governments do this type of stuff all the time. Russian Revolution, Nazi Germany, Maoist China, etc. In the United States, governments pass laws permitting women to kill their unborn babies. They steal money from some people so they can give to other people as a way to buy their votes to keep them in power so they can steal even more money.

I saw this on a Facebook post:

When someone tells me that the church needs to get out of politics… what I hear is, “The church needs to step aside from the primary tool of societal influence and allow those without faith, without biblical worldview, without biblical justice to take control. I hear, we need to allow the left, the progressives to complete their transformation of society, need to do nothing about their designs to make Christianity illegal. We need to become a quiet and unassuming presence in society hiding in the bushes picking off stragglers for Jesus.” (Eric Wagner)

Michael Brown writes, “we need to keep on speaking up and speaking out, doubling and tripling our efforts to get our message out, without hesitation or trepidation. Either that, or we crawl into a self-imposed closet of fear and shame.”

My book Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths deals with many arguments that Christians used for not being involved in this world, everything from “the world is evil” and “Jesus never got involved in politics” to “our citizenship is in heaven” and “there’s a separation of Church and State.”

There’s a great deal of “self-imposed closet of fear and shame.”

Consider this from Abby Johnson, the subject of the film Unplanned:

Ever heard of the Christian radio station K-LOVE? Of course you have. They are huge, in just about every market. And, they are funded by their listeners.

Well, here’s some news for you. K-LOVE has decided that they will not run any promos for my movie, Unplanned. So, a Christian radio network won’t advertise for a prolife movie. They have stated that they don’t want to promote anything “political.”

Because Christians contacted the schizophrenic station, it relented, but not before responding with the following:

“We focus on positive and encouraging content that is safe for the whole family,” the page read. “We stand for Biblical truth. We have been and continue to be pro-life and believe in the sanctity of life.”

I guess it’s positive for women to be bamboozled by pro-abortion arguments to the tune of around 4000 abortions every day?

If Christians continue to think that some topics are “too political,” they shouldn’t whine when the government shuts them down. But that will never happen. Really? It’s happening in China and the Islamic world. I can assure you that Muslims have no problem being involved in politics. If they ever get control in the United States, Christianity will be outlawed. Millions of Christians will say, “But we’ll be rescued by Jesus in the “rapture.” No, we won’t.

Who would have thought that a cake baker would be fined $135,000 for not making a cake for a same-sex wedding?

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