Are 96 Percent of Blacks Racists?

A shocking new poll (probably rigged) claims that “Romney has zero percent support from African Americans.” While 96 percent of African Americans will not vote for the white guy, we’re not told who the other 4 percent are going to vote for. All we know is that no blacks in the survey sample are going to vote for Romney. Instead, they’re going to vote for the party that has kept them in chains.

If a poll showed that 96 percent of white people will not vote for a black candidate, you and I know how the statistic would be treated by the press, the NAACP, and the various black poverty pimps who hustle their own people for fun and profit. This is what we would hear:

“We always knew whites were racists. It’s in their genes. This latest poll proves it.”

So why doesn’t a poll showing that blacks won’t vote for Romney show that blacks can be racists?

I understand that blacks have been voting for Democrats for decades, but this is different. Voting for Obama is a racial thing. Former White House adviser Van Jones said even if President Obama came out as a homosexual he would not lose any support among black voters. Even though a majority of blacks oppose homosexual behavior and homosexual marriage, they will still vote for President Obama because – dare I say it – he’s black.

And that’s a shame since the social and economic policies of P president Obama will do blacks more harm than good. They’ll get more handouts, more preferred treatment, more excuses, and more poverty. The priorities among black youth are twisted because they’ve been told all their lives that poverty is a condition that has been imposed upon them by rich white folks like Mitt Romney and Republicans in general.

More than 40 years of helping blacks through government programs of dependency has affected three generations of blacks. You can see it in the high school drop-out rate, illegitimacy, broken families, and high youth unemployment.

Consider the promotional campaign for the new LeBron James Nike shoe “LeBron X.” The most expensive model will set you back $315.

The National Urban League is asking Nike to ditch its plans to release the shoe. Here’s what National Urban League president and CEO Marc H. Morial had to say about the release of the new shoe:

“To release such an outrageously overpriced product while the nation is struggling to overcome an unemployment crisis is insensitive at best. It represents twisted priorities and confused values.”

Morial described the state of the economy as an “unemployment crisis.” Who’s prolonged the unemployment crisis? The Democrats and the failed economic policies of Barack Obama. Who’s going to vote for President Obama again? That’s right, 96 percent of blacks.

It’s a shame that black adults have to tell young blacks not to spend $315 on a pair of shoes. With their capital spent and only a pair of shoes to show for their money, they’ll still be in the same economic condition they started in. And when it’s all said and done, they’ll blame the white man and vote for the people who abuse them with promises of prosperity.

No one’s forcing them to buy the shoes. No one’s forcing them to drop out of school or engage in sex before marriage. Blaming other people, including Nike, will not help them.

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