Answer These Questions Ron, Newt, Mitt, and Rick

There’s saber rattling in the Middle East; Obama has shut down a job-creating pipeline that would make us less dependent on foreign sources of oil from less than friendly nations; unemployment is still high; there is no budget; spending is out of control; our elected representatives support bills they don’t read, can’t understand, or understand but play dumb (SOPA and PIPA), and Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich are fighting over personal taxes, Bain Capital, and who lobbied and got paid for it.

Voters want to know what the four remaining candidates are going to do if any one of them wins in November. The way things are going, it’s going to be Obama for another four years.

In the next debate, and every debate thereafter, each candidate should come with a list of items and how they will govern based on those items. Here are a quick few that I jotted down. You can think of more. Feel free to list them in the comments section:

  • Will you work to overturn Obamacare? Yes or No
  • Do you support homosexual marriage? Yes or No
  • Will you veto all abortion funding? Yes or No
  • Will you oppose all funding to public radio and television? (I know it’s not a lot of money when we’re talking about trillions of dollars; but it’s the principle of the thing.) Yes or No
  • Will you cut taxes? Yes or No.
  • How much will you cut taxes each year for seven years?
  • What is your view on the “Fair Tax”? Explain it so we know you understand it.
  • Will you cut spending across the board? Yes or No.
  • Will you freeze all government spending? Yes or No
  • How much will you cut from the budget? We want single-year numbers not over ten years.
  • What federal agencies will you cut?
  • Present your energy policy. Be specific. Include domestic drilling, the use of coal, and nuclear energy.
  • Will you work to restructure and eventually eliminate the Federal Reserve? Yes or No
  • Will you stand up to the environmental lobby? Yes or No
  • Will you                              Add your own                                Yes or No
  • Will you sign a statement under oath to keep your campaign promises or resign from office if you renege on any of your promises?

This is the Super Bowl of politics. It’s you against Obama and everything he stands for. We want to know what you will do to save our nation. If you made stupid policy decisions in the past, admit them, and then tell us what you will do as President that will be different. We want to know NOW, not when it’s too late and we’re stuck with you for four years.

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