Was Angela Merkel’s ‘Hitler Mustache’ Left Visible on Purpose?

Where’s Photoshop when you need it? German chancellor Angela Merkel is in Israel visiting Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. A photo was published showing Netanyahu pointing his finger. The shadow falls neatly above Merkel’s upper lip giving the impression that she has a very dark mustache. Not just any mustache, but a mustache that looks like the one that adorned the upper lip of Adolf Hitler. See the photo below.

It’s very obvious. As soon as I saw it I thought someone had purposely Photoshopped it as a joke and put it up on Twitter. It’s hard to trust anything on the internet these days. Scams are daily nuisances. It’s almost like the mainstream media. It’s hared to know what to believe.

The media got hoodwinked again when they reported that home owners in Buckhead, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, were opposed to Justin Bieber purchasing a house in the prestigious neighborhood. It turned out to be a radio prank:

“Amid rumors that pop star Justin Bieber was considering a move to Atlanta, the Regular Guys, a morning show on Atlanta radio station Rock 100.5, put together a fake neighborhood group and pulled the wool over the eyes of the world’s news organizations.

“They convinced the media that the newly formed Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition wanted no part of Bieber setting up his new digs in the midst of their old-money mansions.”

So I was a little suspicious when I saw the Hitler mustache shadow on Merkel’s upper lip.

Here it is. We’ll have to wait a few days to see if it’s a fake or that it was purposely left on and published as is to make a statement.

Merkel Hitler Mustache

The photo was apparently taken by photographer Marc Israel Sellem of the Jerusalem Post.

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