Aggression and Discrimination Against Anti-Homosexual Opinion Escalate

Too many Americans are under the false impression that the push for “gay marriage” is all about love. Denying men to have sex with and marry other men is to deny two men the love they have for one another. Who could be so hardhearted to deny two people the love they have for one another?

It’s these types of arguments that are fueling the debate. Of course, it’s all propaganda. No one is denying anyone the freedom to love anyone. There isn’t a single law on the books that prohibits anybody from loving any person, place, or thing.

Homosexuals want to overturn the moral order, and that includes anybody who disagrees with them. It’s never been about love or equal rights. (No one is permitted to marry someone of the same sex. The prohibition is applied equally.) It’s always been about domination. It’s no longer “live and let live”; it’s believe the way we do or you will pay for your resistance, and resistance is futile.

Consider the following from California:

“In a move that foreshadows the radical left’s plans for churches should gay marriage become the law of the land, the California legislature is moving to strip the Boy Scouts of America — a private organization — of its non-profit status for refusing to allow gay scoutmasters. The Youth Equality Act, created by Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Long Beach), would deny nonprofit status to any youth groups that ‘discriminate on the basis of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or religious affiliation.’ This would invalidate any Christian nonprofit that does not accept non-Christians, any youth group restricted to boys or girls, or any similar group.”

Did you note the irony? The non-profit status will be removed from groups that “discriminate” based on “religion or religious affiliation.” Isn’t that what Sen. Lara’s bill would do, discriminate against groups that believe on religious grounds that homosexuality is morally wrong?

“Should same-sex marriage be ruled law in the state of California by the Supreme Court, undoubtedly the left will move immediately to strip churches of their state nonprofit statuses if they refuse to perform same-sex marriages.”

I wonder what the pastors who preached from their pulpits that Christians should not get mixed up in politics will say when the courts rule that they have to hire homosexuals, marry homosexuals, and stop preaching about the sinfulness of homosexuality or they will not only lose their tax exempt status but their church property as well.

People who are going along with homosexual marriage believe that it won’t affect them. They’re not homosexual. They believe they can hold a personal disapproval while not denying other people their views. Think again.

The state attorney general for the state of Washington is “filing a suit against Baronelle Stutzman, a florist who said it was a ‘violation of conscience’ to service a same-sex wedding.” We’ve seen similar legal intimidation before. In February of this year, “a baker who wouldn’t provide a cake for a lesbian wedding not only faced protesters but is (or was) under investigation by the Oregon Attorney General. Back in 2006, a Catholic adoption service in Boston had to shut down after the government demanded the religious entity service same-sex couples.”

You will submit, and if you don’t submit, the State will force you to submit against your will and conscience. There have been other cases:

Christian News Network has reported on a number of related cases, such as the story of a photographer in New Mexico that was forced to pay nearly $7000 in fines for declining to shoot a same-sex commitment service, and the Vermont bed and breakfast owners who settled a lawsuit with two lesbians who were told by an employee that they could not hold their commitment service on the property. A Kentucky t-shirt screening company was also recently punished by the state Human Rights Commission for declining to complete a work order involving t-shirts that were to be worn at a local homosexual pride parade.”

Soon we’ll see the government force people who oppose homosexuality and homosexual marriage to wear badges to identify them so they can be scorned by the public. They will be denied jobs, access to public places, and refused the right to adopt children so as not to infect them with their religious bigotry.

And if compliance is not forthcoming, maybe more severe methods will be used.

According to the florist who refused to service the homosexual wedding based on her Christian beliefs, “she has received hate mail and threats to burn down her business.” Remember November 9-10, 1938 in Germany and parts of Austria.

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