Abortion Video and Dr. Manny Alvarez’s Tepid Response

“Recently, Emily Letts, a 25-year-old abortion counselor at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center in New Jersey, filmed herself undergoing an abortion at the facility where she works.” This is how Dr. Manny Alvarez, a frequent Fox News contributor on medical issues, begins his article about this morally and mentally sick woman.

I don’t know who is more irresponsible, Emily Letts or Dr. Alvarez. He doesn’t say anything about how this woman just snuffed out a human life.

Consider this from the doctor who is supposed to be in the life-saving business:

“I don’t criticize this woman for wanting to tell her story; it’s her prerogative to exercise her freedom of speech.

“But if this video was being made with the purpose of being informative about the procedure itself, it failed miserably.”

It’s not her freedom of speech that was on display in the video. It’s the fact that she just killed her unborn baby, Dr. Alvarez. In cavalier fashion, Dr. Alvarez writes that he is “not upset with Letts.” He’s “more upset with the Cherry Hill Women’s Center – and with the doctor who performed this procedure and agreed to have it filmed,” not because he just killed an unborn baby, but because “this video brings nothing to the table in terms of correcting real misconceptions about abortions.”

And what are those misconceptions as Dr. Alvarez understands them?

“[A] first trimester termination, like the one Letts had, can be done safely under the proper supervision of a doctor. Nonetheless, there are always potential complications, and in this video, I saw none of those complications listed. I saw no interaction between the patient and a doctor – or the patient and a counselor – explaining the procedure.”

I suggest that the biggest complication is that Emily Letts, with the help of her “doctor,” just snuffed out the life of an innocent human being. In any other setting, like killing puppies and kittens, that would be a big “complication.” The media got all upset that a convicted rapist, torturer, and murderer’s execution went wrong but has been silent about any outrage regarding Emily Letts’ recorded murder..

Compare all the ink that was spilled over this guy with the fact that “the video gained national attention after it won the Abortion Care Network’s Stigma Busting video competition.” A murderer is executed and the liberal world goes crazy with outrage. A woman snuffs out the life of her unborn baby and videos the procedure, and she wins a video competition.

Here is a doctor with a national audience who is only upset with this woman’s on-air abortion because it wasn’t more informative. “This doctor grossly fails to bring forward any pertinent information concerning facts women should be aware of when it comes to terminating a pregnancy.” How about this fact, Dr. Alvarez: abortion kills an innocent human life!

Why is this pertinent fact missing from your outrage over not bringing “forward any pertinent information” about the procedure?

If you want evidence of the self-destructive worldview of secularism, this is it. Liberals are worried about gun violence in America. Good for them. These are the same people who don’t say anything about the 4000 unborn babies that are murdered every day in America.

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