Abolish the Welfare State and We Won’t Need a Wall

The only way we are going to win the anti-illegal immigration battle is to go to the root of the problem: America’s unconstitutional wealth-transfer system. We need to remove the incentives for people who come to the United States for a free ride. This will mean dismantling the welfare state that millions of Americans participate in and defend.

The reason many (not all) illegal immigrants are willing to break the law to enter the United States is that it’s attractive to them in terms of monetary benefits. Many come for jobs and work hard at them. We want these types of immigrants, but they are often overshadowed by those who take advantage of lenient immigration policies, don’t want to assimilate, and benefit from our unconstitutional and immoral wealth-transfer system called “welfare.”

Islam is the wild card. There are millions of Muslims who believe it is their Allah-ordained mission to remake the world into a global caliphate by any means at their disposal. They will even use our democratic process to accomplish it as they are slowly attempting to do in the United States. Rep. Keith Ellison is a prime example. He is a nut case who has said, “If they can ban Muslims, why can’t they ban Mormons…?” Of course, Muslims are not being banned. But if Mormons were blowing up churches, mosques, raping, beheading, drowning, and burning Christians, and gunning down people on military bases and airports, then I would be all for a Mormon ban.

There are other Muslim enablers like Nancy “Tell Them You’re a Muslim” Pelosi. Mass immigration from Muslim nations could be a deathblow to our way of life. For many, the welfare state is a way to finance their objectives until they are in the ascendancy.

The great immigrant movements of the 19th and 20th centuries came about because of economic opportunities and the pursuit of social and political liberty. The welfare state was almost non-existent. The Great Society was not implemented until the mid-1960s. Since then we have seen a rise in multi-generational unemployment, fractured families, government dependency, and a solid block of voters to keep the welfare state intact. This is mostly true, in terms of percentages, of black families. It’s a shame. The war on poverty has become a war on the poor, and what liberals want is more poverty programs to keep the war going.

Most people my age (I was born in 1950) are grandchildren and great grandchildren of immigrants. I lived in a neighborhood of second-generation immigrant families: Poles, Italians, Jews, Czechs, Ukrainians, Irish, and others.

When my father returned wounded from the Korean War (he had his right leg blown off), we lived in a housing development outside of Pittsburgh that overlooked the Monongahela River that was called “The Projects.” It has since been razed.

At the time, the area was a booming steel, iron, and coal center that was populated and worked by immigrants. A dozen smoke stacks are all that remain as a reminder of what used to be. The Waterfront — a super-regional open-air shopping mall spanning the three boroughs of Homestead, West Homestead, and Munhall near Pittsburgh — has replaced the once burgeoning steel industry that gave Pittsburgh its nickname — the Steel City.

But it could all turn to dust like the mills turned to rust if Americans don’t say no to the welfare State. If we don’t, we will be overwhelmed by people who will eat our capital until there is nothing left.

We moved out of the projects when I was five. My parents purchased a house in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh with other families that were just starting out.

Illegal immigration was not an issue. Immigration was manageable because there were laws and a civil religion built on the foundation of Christianity, and our nation was selective. Not everyone got in, but we knew that everyone in our neighborhood shared a common set of moral standards even though we may not have shared a common national heritage.

Everyone worked. Most people lived within their means because they knew there was no Great Society ready, willing, and able to bail them out of a financial fix by taking money from other workers. There was compulsive Social Security, of which Congress exempted itself, but almost no one saw it as the only source of retirement income.

Here’s the hard part for many conservatives who are quick to blame immigrants. Modern-day immigrants did not create the welfare state. We did. Dr. Gary North writes:

Some people think that the big problem with illegal immigrants is that they are taking advantage of the welfare rolls. I’m sure a lot of them are. Whose fault is that? It’s the fault of the Anglos, who created the welfare system. It wasn’t created by illegal Mexican immigrants. It began in the New Deal. It was promoted by graduates of the Ivy League universities. All of this was invented by educated people, and it was supported by grassroots Democrats who used the programs to get elected after 1930. The shock troops of the welfare state are not Mexicans. They are Anglos.

Then there’s government education, the biggest welfare scam that most Americans fool themselves into believing is free. What is the predominant worldview taught in today’s government schools that were designed by the same people that created the welfare and warfare State? Moral relativism and a bigger welfare state. It’s no wonder that leftists are attacking people who identify public schools as “government schools.” Because they are, and leftists like it that way.

Dr. North continues with some painful truth:

The hue and cry against illegal immigration is a hue and cry against the fact that illegal immigrants come here to take advantage of the unethical social and economic structures that have been set up by the Anglos. Anglo voters look at Hispanic immigrants, and they perceive them as weak people: welfare clients. But at least half of the American population is on the dole in one way or the other. The two biggest welfare programs in the country are Medicare and Social Security. The beneficiaries of these programs are primarily white middle-class voters who got old. The only way that these two systems can remain solvent longer is because of new workers coming into the economy. But these new workers, at the margin, are Hispanics. They are doing in the United States what immigrants out of North Africa are doing to the welfare state economies of southern Europe. They are keeping the welfare system going.

Building a wall won’t fix the multiple moral and political strangleholds that are choking America by Americans. “Any conservative who gets in a dither over amnesty, but who is unwilling to eliminate the welfare state, has his priorities messed up. His ethics can be summarized in this moral axiom: ‘Illegal immigrants should not have access to our loot. We stole it fair and square.’”

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