A Word to the Remaining Never-Trumpers

There are still Never-Trumpers among us. Many of them are Establishment types who liked the RepubliCrats way of doing things — sharing power and money while giving into moral degradation so many of them could justify their own sexual antics.

Then there are the principled Never-Trumpers who were aghast that anyone would vote for Donald Trump. He was not presidential material, they said. He was crude, rude, bombastic, and often times inarticulate. Obama was the epitome of presidential stock even if some of his policies were wretched and civilization-destroying.

People like Trump should not be in politics. His style of politics is just not done.

As I’ve mentioned several times, Donald Trump was not my first choice. When he won the primary, it was either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. There was no viable third choice. When you’re in a war, you go with what you’ve got. It takes more than wishful thinking to win a war.

Trump was willing and able to fight, something most Republicans refused to do. George W. Bush rarely fought back while going to war with a country that was not a danger to the United States. The GOP Establishment refused to fight back against the Democrats. They’re still reluctant to fight. I was shocked that the RNC actually decided to follow the way Trump is engaging the Democrats by pointing out their radical nature for all the world to see. If you haven’t seen the RNC’s latest video, you need to take a look at it:

Here’s the question I would put to the Never-Trumpers and the robotic Democrats who believe the Democrats care about them: “Do you want the people these people vote for running the country?”

Has Donald Trump done everything he said he would do? No. Some of what he has not accomplished in the fault of Congress and the courts. Has everything he’s done set well with me? No.

Every time I get frustrated with Pres. Trump, I ask myself this question: “Where would we be if Hillary Clinton had won?”

Think on that for a moment. The economy would be sputtering. There would have been a massive tax increase. We would have open borders and amnesty. And here’s the clincher:

The Supreme Court would be stacked with Leftists for the next 30 or more years. The latest decisions from the Supreme Court would never have happened. They were 5-4 decisions, with Justice Neil Gorsuch making the difference. Hillary would have replaced the late Antonin Scalia with a Leftist. She would be appointing a replacement for Justice Kennedy, the court’s swing vote. There is no doubt that Ruther Bader Ginsburg would have retired knowing that her seat on the court would continue her godless legacy.

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Sotomayor and Kegan seem always to vote the wrong way. How in the world can a Supreme Court Justice rule in favor of a California law that required pregnancy centers that opposed abortion to advertise for pro-abortion services? Here is Justice Beyer’s summary of the dissent opinions:

“If a state can lawfully require a doctor to tell a woman seeking an abortion about adoption services … why should it not be able to require a medical counselor to tell a woman seeking prenatal care about childbirth and abortion services?”

Could it be that an abortion kills an unborn baby and that’s why pregnancy centers are in business?!

Justice Thomas got it right. According to the California law, “Licensed clinics must provide a government-drafted script about the availability of state-sponsored services, as well as contact information for how to obtain them,” Thomas said. “One of those services is abortion — the very practice that petitioners are devoted to opposing.”

Exactly! Given California’s godless lawmaking body, I wouldn’t be surprised that churches will one day be required to provide a government-drafted script of alternative religions and atheist internet sites for all churchgoers.

Style is overrated when it comes to ideological and political war, especially with so many nutjobs on the Left want to turn the United States into another failed socialist experiment. We already have enough socialism. The future of the Democrat Party just won the Democrat primary in New York. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a dues-paying member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Let that sink in.

It’s time for the Never-Trumpers to admit they were wrong and help defeat the socialist juggernaut that is the Democrat Party and part of the Republican Party. This is not to say that we must be uncritical of Trump when he makes a bad decision. We must be ever diligent.

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