A Technological Privacy Breakthrough that Scares Our Government

Anything that worries our government, I’m for. The old ways of resisting government have to change. Long-term planning needs to be part of the equation. A strategy to replace the existing government structure with a new one must also be in development.

In the meantime, hiding from the government is a number one priority. But it seems everything we do today is on the government’s radar. Leave it to the free market to do an end-run around the surveillance governmental peeping Toms.

“Back in October, the startup tech firm Silent Circle ruffled governments’ feathers with a ‘surveillance-proof’ smartphone app to allow people to make secure phone calls and send texts easily. Now, the company is pushing things even further—with a groundbreaking encrypted data transfer app that will enable people to send files securely from a smartphone or tablet at the touch of a button. (For now, it’s just being released for iPhones and iPads, though Android versions should come soon.) That means photographs, videos, spreadsheets, you name it—sent scrambled from one person to another in a matter of seconds.”

While we’re planning and building for a new future, we’ll need to keep our objectives and plans away from government officials as long as possible.

My goal is for a bloodless revolution. The guns we own aren’t for taking on the federal government. That’s a losing proposition. Rarely does something good come out of bloodshed. The war for Independence was the exception that proved the rule. I’m more concerned with what will happen if there is a social breakdown if our government defaults and people dependent on the State stop getting their checks.

We need to keep in mind that there were 13 individual governments in place when the Declaration of Independence was drafted. There was no revolution in the usual sense.

One of the factors that led to the victory over the more powerful British was the existence of Committees of Correspondence.

The goal is to have rational and workable plans to bring down our corrupt government by social means and decentralized civil governments at the county and state levels. This includes Democrats and Republicans. The tree is rotten at the roots. With recent advances in technology, we can begin the process. Here’s some background on the effectiveness of the pre-independence Committees:

“The Committees of Correspondence were shadow governments organized by the Patriot leaders of the Thirteen Colonies on the eve of the American Revolution. They coordinated responses to Britain and shared their plans; by 1773 they had emerged as shadow governments, superseding the colonial legislature and royal officials. The Maryland Committee of Correspondence was instrumental in setting up the First Continental Congress, which met in Philadelphia, PA. These served an important role in the Revolution, by disseminating the colonial interpretation of British actions between the colonies and to foreign governments. The committees of correspondence rallied opposition on common causes and established plans for collective action, and so the group of committees was the beginning of what later became a formal political union among the colonies.

The initial goal is to get your local county governments on board to serve as legitimate shadow governments. By corresponding to other county governments and sheriffs, a network of governmental opposition can be created. The more counties that are involved, the more difficult the Federal government will have in putting down the opposition.

Let’s hope this new encryption technology comes to market before the Feds decide to make it illegal. We’ve got one thing on our side. The Feds can’t stop drugs and illegals from coming across our border, so it’s a fair bet that they won’t be able to stop 1s and 0s.

Watch Enemy of the State (1998) and then get on board!

It wouldn’t hurt to read Albert Jay Nock’s Our Enemy the State. You can have the book read to you by Jock Coats in six parts by going here (Part 1):

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