Why Don’t Pro-Gay Companies Use These Real ‘Gay’ Images to Promote Their Products?

There’s a list going around of 35 companies that have come out in support of the 5-4 pro-homosexual marriage decision. support for homosexuality has been going on for a long time in big-name companies — from Coca Cola and American Airlines to Delta Airlines and Whole Foods.

In these promotional advertisements of the latest insane ruling over same-sex marriage, there are images of rainbow flags, hearts, rainbow-colored objects, the word “love” in various configurations, and other happy, happy, happy visual expressions of support.

The façade of deception is sickening. They are designed to hide the truth of what homosexuality really is in order to make a buck and avoid being attacked by the same-sex lobby of “support our cause or pay a hefty price.” The Bible is true about same-sex sexuality and the “love of money being the root of all kinds of evil” (1 Tim. 6:10).

What we don’t see are actual images of what homosexuality is. The homosexual movement followed the tactic of  the pro-abortion movement by talking about “gay” rights. Rarely did its leaders use the word homosexual. Homosexuals didn’t want people asking questions about sex as in what kind of sex do two men engage in.

Don’t use the word “abortion,” make it about “choice,” until people started asking what women were choosing to do. Also, it was those bloody-awful pictures of aborted unborn babies that made support for abortion plummet.

Homosexuality isn’t about love. There were never any laws against people loving other people (male or female), places, or things. There was nothing unequal about the law against same-sex marriage since the law applied to everyone equally.

Cheerios posted “Love is Love.”

Cheerios love

Really? If some 42 year-old-man says he’s in love with his 16-year-old daughter or his neighbor’s 16-year-old son (or younger), the folks who make Cheerios are OK with it?

Then there are the TV commercials from Wells Fargo, Chobani Yogurt, and Tylenol:

“Gay and lesbian couples are featured prominently in Tylenol’s new #HowWeFamily campaign, which aims to change the face of the American family.

“A same-sex prom couple and two gay dads with a baby are among those featured in the campaign’s first TV ad. A voiceover declares, ‘Family isn’t defined by who you love, but how.’

“Tylenol is glorifying all modern family types by stating a family is based on love not traditional marriage, and then showing gay couples with their children.”

We’re learning that polygamy is the next step in redefining family followed by NAMBLA: North American Man/Boy Love Association. Will we start to see commercials supporting the “love” being expressed by NAMBLA? The “L” in the organization stands for “love.”

That will send a lot of mothers to the grocery store to purchase more Chobani Yogurt.

Here’s a Tylenol ad image taken from the video:

Gay couple

How did these two men get this baby? Two men aren’t capable of having a baby no matter how much sex they have with one another.

I wonder why Tylenol didn’t show this image. Don’t you think it would be a perfect image for the use of a pain reliever?:

Devil homosexual

Or this one. Don’t you think it would appeal to mothers and fathers who hearts are broken to be reminded how their young sons have been seduced by some older homosexual?

Homosexual image_04

I wonder what sort of reaction these companies would get if real “Gay Pride” images were shown next to their products. If the American people had been told the truth about what homosexuality really is – hidden behind a rainbow flag and the euphemistic term “gay” – so-called social acceptance would have been around three percent.

Here’s another one:


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