Watch This Pro-Life Video Before YouTube, Facebook, and Planned Parenthood Ban It

A number of years ago I was asked to speak to a political science class at Emory University. As usual, the subject of abortion came up. I have a simple way to demonstrate the absurdity of abortion and the claim that an unborn baby is not a separate human being deserving the full protection of the law

The standard argument is that a woman has a right over her body. If she wants a tattoo, a tummy tuck, or breast augmentation, no one is stopping her. Even if a woman absurdly believes she is really a man, there’s no one stopping her from lopping off her female body parts to make the transition to look like a man (while still being a woman). The body parts are hers.

But an unborn baby is not part of a woman’s body like an appendix. In fact, if an unborn baby was not protected in its amniotic sack, the woman’s body’s immune system would attack him or her. In many cases, a baby does not even share his or her mother’s blood type.

When the subject of abortion came up, I drew a line on the whiteboard with a vertical line at the right end followed by a circle. It looked something like this. The line represented 280 days of a woman’s pregnancy. The vertical line | represented the end-point of the pregnancy, and the O represented the born baby. I then asked, “Is it morally justified for a woman to kill her baby after he or she has been born — represented by the O to the right of the line |?”


No one said yes.

I then drew this line under it:


I asked, “How about while the baby was in the birth canal about to be born?” Again, no one said yes.

I then asked, “At what point on the line is it morally justified for a woman to abort her unborn baby?”


They immediately saw the problem and did not take the bait. So I drew several lines and asked, “What about here or here or here?”


To the right of the vertical line, it is NOT morally justified for a woman to kill her unborn baby, but to the left of the line, it is. If a person chooses any of the vertical lines, then I asked  this question:

“What is the difference between one second to the left of the line and one second to the right of the line?”

It seems someone had the same idea:

The grassroots organization Choice42, located in Canada, is dedicated to promoting the worth of both mother and baby. Their website offers a database of resources, including maternity homes and adoption agencies, as well as information on abortion recovery.

Truly, they are meeting women where they are and offering compassion and care.

A few days ago, Choice42 released this deliciously sardonic video entitled “The Magical Birth Canal.” It is a searing take on the pro-abort narrative that says life begins at birth.

Quite simply, it is brilliant.

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