Video Testimonies Homosexuals Don’t Want You to See

If a person is born to be a homosexual, then there is no changing it. Period. Since some people claim they can’t change their sexual “orientation,” so the argument goes, then a person who engages in same-sex sexuality deserves to be protected by anti-discrimination laws in the same way that blacks are protected because of their skin color and genetic makeup.

Sexual behavior and skin color are not in the same category. The Bible actually has something to say about this in Jeremiah 13:23:

Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots?

The obvious answer is no. What people choose to do sexually is a choice. People make sexual choices every day. Millions of people resist temptation to cheat on their spouses.

There are people who have urges to engage sexually with people of the same sex. And guess what? They resist the urge. Those pushing the same-sex sexuality agenda don’t want to hear contrary evidence that there are people who resist such urges, and there is such evidence, and it’s growing.



200 EXhomosexual Video Testimonies

[There is ] a growing video anthology of living witnesses — representing many nations — who have left homosexuality, bisexuality and lesbianism to follow Jesus Christ.

And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him. Matthew 4:18-20 KJV

Jesus yet calls us to forsake everything we have been to follow him.

Those who have left their past life behind stand as witnesses to the radical love of God and his great mercy to all sinners who come to Him by faith. Their stories are of hope, confidence and promise that God is who he said he is (a deliverer) and he will do what he said he will do (deliver from all our sins).

These testimonies tell the stories of believers who in their own way, with their unique voices and through their own desire seek to inspire others to pursue freedom in Christ. Some are more “polished” than others, some are shorter than others, some are more detailed than others, but all are for the glory of our beloved redeemer Jesus Christ.

Miriam Alexander
Joshua Anderson
Veronica Deliz Antezs
Philip Christian Angel
Pastor Deiman Ariza
David Arthur
Lara Ana
Jose Aguile

Niechie Baker
Bobbi Bullins
Pastor Tom Brock
Prophet Floyd Brown
Wendell Bryant
David Bryant
Cleo Bias
Dean Bailey
Rosario Butterfield
Monica Brown
Janet Boynes
Venus Burton
Brenda Burton
Akilah Brayboy
Matthew Brown
Deborah Barr
Jeff Buchanan

Linda Carter
Heather Chaney
Benjamin Contreras
Apostle Rigoberto Carrion
Melissa Coffey
Daisey Copelin
Charlene Cothran
Jesus Carbonell
Pastor Rod Chapman
Mike Carducci
Tiago Camargo
Priscila Coelho
Alex Cruz

Melinda DeSanto
Patricia Diaz
Chris Delaney
Daniel Delgado
Damian Rodriguez
Brooke Donnelly
Kiana Dennis
Pastor Jim Domen
Vicky Duffy
Pastor Paulinho DeJesus
Christine Dixon
Joe Dallas
Carlos Delgado
Desmond Dobbins

Matthew Esquivel
Donald Elder
Marjorie Ellison
Dominique Evans

Pastor DL Foster
Pastor Roger Ford
Anthony Figueroa
Nathanael Flock
Diane Freed
David Kyle Foster

Yamil Garcia
Jayson Graves
Michaelangelo Gutierrez
Debra Gauthier

Paul Heflin
Ryan Hunt
Jonathan Hunter
James Hartline
Sabrina Hunt
Kamara Hardee
Heather Holton
Kevin Hoksbergen
Cindy Hinsch
Lanna Holder
Jackie Hill
Charlene Hios
Adam Hood
Tye Hardin
Kofi Hemmingway
Thom Hunter

Derrick Ikerd

Timothy Jones
Johnathan Jacobs
Jennifer Jacobs
Dennis Jernigan
Pastor Linda Jernigan
Davon Johnson
Bryon Johnson
Randy Johnson
Quinton Jones

Dr. Tara King

Dave Lewis
Erlington Lopez
Kriative Lexic
Pastor Josh Lee
Larry Rosalez-Lewis
Julie Lyons
Camille Lenior
Veonne Lightburn
Billy Linn
Roberta Laurila

Daniel Mingo
Pastor Jodie Miranda
Twan Murchinson
Pastor Donnie McClurkin
Jermano Mayfield
Christie May
Steve Martin
Raleigh Mayberry, Jr
Damirrea Martin
Janeth Diaz Minaya
Martin Munoz
Octavia Moore
Trace McNutt
Hector Gustavo de Victor Manuelle

Charisse Norwood
Chadwick Nelson
Michael Newman
Marquise Nelson

Tiffany Owens
Pamela Ousley
Richard Oostrum

Ramon Pedro
Lee Preston
Joanne Perry
Guiseppe Povio
Danny Price
Carlos Pachon
Pastor Gina Pacheo

Maité Rodriguez
Hernando Rodriguez
Arnaldo Rodriguez
Edwin Ramos
Pastor Darrell Roberts
Robert Reschar
Sy Rogers
Theresa Renfroe
Damian Rodriguez
Roz Regalado

Julio Santana
Robson Staines
Doya Suhul
Don Smith
Folasade Scott
Costina Shepherd
Shanahn Smith
Chris Sims
Arial Santos
Michelle Smith
Brenna Simonds
Mark Servillano Jr
Pastor Isreal Simas
Tony Spears
Pastor Edmund Smith
Ron Smith
Marco Santiago
Linda Sieler
Mark Sandford
Sérgio Luís de Souza
Robson Staines

Stephen Turner
Karness Turner Jr
Leola Tillman
Asia Thomas
Jaye Thomas
Willy Torresin

Samuel Velasquez
Hoje Valdir
Carlos Vilca

Jahmarra Whitfield
James Wimbush
Remnant Williams
Kegan Wesley
Ty Wyss
Danny Wallace
Pastor Carl Wright
Pastor Tim Wilkins
Frank Worthen
David Walker
Tanisha White

Pastor Alfred Yumul
Christopher Yuan
Jerome Young


Gayane G
Tashia A.

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