Valerie Gatto, Conceived in Rape, Crowned Miss Pennsylvania

Pro-abortionists like to appeal to the hard cases when it comes to legalizing abortion. They’ll ask, “What about a baby conceived because of rape? This is why we need to legalize abortion.” So for something that happens in rare cases, as evil as the act is, we should legalize abortion in all cases for any reason.

A rapist should be punished to the full extent of the law. I prefer the death penalty.

But in our upside-down system of justice, the unborn baby, who is not guilty of anything, is the one who’s executed. It makes no sense.

Here’s a heartwarming story about Valerie Gatto, the newly crowned Miss Pennsylvania:

“When the newly crowned Miss Pennsylvania, Valerie Gatto, was in third grade, she found out the difficult truth that she had been conceived when her mother was raped at knifepoint.

“Gatto’s mother was only 19 years old when the attack occurred. Her assailant had plans to murder her as well, but says those plans were thwarted when a bright light from an unknown source appeared. This light gave Gatto’s mother the ability to get up and run away before he could do further harm to her. Gatto says, ‘I like to think of that light as my mother’s and (my) guardian angel.’

In a recent interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Gatto says her mother always told her, ‘I was her light.’

“Soon after the attack, Gatto’s mother discovered she was pregnant. According to an interview with Gatto for CBS Pittsburgh, her mother never considered abortion.

“She did have plans to put her daughter up for adoption, hoping she could be given a more stable life elsewhere. But, after Gatto was born, her grandmother reminded her daughter that God does not give us more than we can handle. She convinced Gatto’s mother to raise her little girl herself.”

Actress, author, and singer Ethel Waters, also from Pennsylvania, was the child of a teenage rape victim. There are more stories of children conceived in rape here. As Philip Hodges writes, “Rape is a horrible violent crime that has two victims. Neither the mother nor the conceived child is guilty of anything.”

For more about Valerie Gatto’s story, go to LifeSiteNews.

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