Use Obama’s 17-Day Vacation to Political Advantage

President Obama is about to go on a 17-day vacation in Hawaii. That’s good for America. The less time he spends in Washington the better it is for all of us. The more he is disengaged, the more discombobulated the Democrats are.

You know that if Bush had taken such a long vacation in a place like Hawaii when our nation’s economy was in freefall that he would be raked back and forth over the coals, and then back and forth again.

The media would have described Bush as out of touch with suffering Americans. Unemployment is over 9 percent, closer to 11 percent if you count those who are no longer looking for work, and there goes Bush on another exotic trip. When Bush took vacations, it was usually to his ranch in Texas. The media hated it because there were no fancy hotels for them to stay in and restaurants to eat in so they could get their higher rate per diem expenses.

Here’s how the Republicans could use this story. They can take a lesson from how reporters in the UK are reporting the story:

While most Americans are lucky to get a few weeks of holiday every year, it seems the country’s leader gets a little more freedom in the matter.

President Barack Obama has announced his Christmas vacation to Hawaii – for a staggering 17-day trip.

Obama, who visited the island just two weeks ago for an economic summit, will head to Honolulu on Saturday December 17 until Monday January 2.
The President’s family covers the cost of a private beach front residence in Kailua, Oahu, for their vacation — a ‘Winter White House’ that costs up to $3,500 a day, or $75,000 a month.

That much money being spent could go to pay someone’s salary for a year. What about his rhetoric about the rich paying their “fair share”? Obama is rich. He’s one of the 1 percent.

It’s takes a UK paper to point his out.

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