Unarmed on Fort Hood Military Base but Legally Armed Everywhere Else?

The latest Fort Hood shooting is maddening. Of course, for those who were murdered by a lone gunman, it’s tragic. Families don’t expect their loved ones to be killed by a fellow-soldier on a military base.

I don’t know what the reasoning is about disarming soldiers on military bases like Fort Hood when millions of Texas citizens have a right to carry a weapon.

You may recall the Killeen, Texas, Luby’s restaurant shooting in 1991. “George Hennard . . . crashed his pickup truck through the front plate glass window of the Luby’s Cafeteria. . .,  shot 50 people (killing 23), exchanged shots with responding police, and then hid in a bathroom and fatally shot himself.”

After the shooting in which her parents were murdered by the gunman, Suzanna Hupp, a survivor of the shooting who watched her parents die, spoke out against new gun control measures. “I don’t view myself as a victim of gun violence, I view myself as a victim of a maniac who happened to use a gun as a tool,” she told lawmakers.

“In what she called a ‘stupid decision,’ Hupp said she realized she’d obeyed Texas law and left her gun in her car. At the time, people were not permitted to carry a weapon into public places. ‘It still makes me angry when I think about it. You can’t go up against a guy with a gun with a salt shaker or a butter knife.’”

The soldiers at Fort Hood didn’t even have a butter knife.

The liberal solution to this tragedy is to disarm everybody. Criminals will still get guns like people got alcohol during Prohibition and drug dealers get illegal drugs today. With thousands of laws that say “you can’t do this or that under penalty of law,” people still do these things under penalty of law.

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