The Two ‘Racist’ Words that Got Alison Parker Murdered

Who would have thought that “‘swinging’ by some place” or going “out in the ‘field'” could be construed as racist epithets that would be enough for a black man to kill white people?

According to an article published in the New York Post, that’s what set off the Virginia murderer.

“The 24-year-old white reporter, who was murdered on live TV along with her cameraman, used the phrases as an intern at ­WDBJ TV in Roanoke in 2012, according to an internal complaint filed by Flanagan, who was black.

“One was something about ‘swinging’ by some place; the other was out in the ‘field,’” said the Jan. 21 report by assistant news director Greg Baldwin, which refers to Parker as Alison Bailey (her middle name).

This murderer was using any self-deluded justifiable excuse he would find to feed his rage. “Swing by the house” or “swinging by the office” is not a reference to swinging from a rope in a lynching, and neither is “out in the field” a reference to slaves picking cotton “out in the field.”

If the Black Lives Matter crowd starts ruminating over the “field” micro-aggression word, we will start seeing protests to change Wrigley Field to Wrigley Green. But hold on. “Green” could be a micro-aggression word since green is the color of money, and slavery was all about money.

You may recall how some race hustlers claimed the word “picnic” had a racist origin.

“Although not taught in American learning institutions and literature, it is noted in most Black history professional circles and literature that the origin of the term ‘picnic’ derives from the acts of lynching African-Americans. The word ‘picnic’ is rooted from the whole theme of ‘Pick A Ni**er.’ This is where individuals would ‘pic’ a Black person to lynch and make this into a family gathering. There would be music and a ‘picnic.’ (‘Nic’ being the white acronym for ‘ni**er.’) Scenes of this were depicted in the movie ‘Rosewood.'”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Its origin is French and possibly a German add-on going back to the 17th century.

There was David Howard, an aide the mayor of Washington, D.C., “who on January 15, 1999 used ‘niggardly’ to describe a budget.”

“This apparently upset one of his black colleagues (Howard is white), identified by Howard as Marshall Brown, who misinterpreted it as a racial slur and lodged a complaint. As a result, on January 25 Howard tendered his resignation, and Williams accepted it.”

The word “niggardly” is an adjective meaning ‘stingy’ or ‘miserly'” and has nothing to do with race.

With a quick-fuse temperament that Flanagan seemed to have coupled with a victim complex, with fuel for the fire added in by “Black radicals calling for ‘lynching whites and killing cops,'” it’s no wonder that more such “get-even-at-all-cost” killings aren’t taking place. But maybe they are, but the media refuse to report on them.

In the end, Flanagan was responsible for the murders he committed. All the excuses in the world will not absolve him or anyone else for such a deed.

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