The NBA Has Always Tolerated Sexual Immorality

Please explain to me how some basketball player who admits he has sex with other men is now the poster child for a new civil right? Will we be hearing of NBA players admitting that they have sex with multiple female partners while on the road? Will this become a new tolerance issue and celebratory civil rights category? How about NBA players who commit adultery? These are all sexual preference and orientation practices.

Wilt Chamberlain, in addition to scoring the most points in a game (100), claimed in his book A View from Above (1991) to have had sex with 20,000 women. Chamberlain argued, like those who support homosexuality, “I was just doing what was natural — chasing good-looking ladies, whoever they were and wherever they were available.”

“Robert Allen Cherry, journalist and author of the biography Wilt: Larger than Life, describes [Chamberlain’s] house as a miniature Playboy Mansion, where he regularly held parties and lived out his later-notorious sex life.”

 Chamberlain wasn’t called “The Big Dipper” for nothing.

Sex and the NBA go hand-in-hand. Jason Collins only adds to the debauched culture of the NBA.  Winston Bennett, former NBA player and coach, while not as famous as Chamberlain, has a similar story to tell in his book Fight for Your Life: From Tragedy to Triumph:

“Life played above the rim can be extreme. . . . His poison was sex. Bennett reveals how he popped Viagra like Sweet Tarts, frequented massage parlors and hookers, slept with three women a day, 90 a month and a thousand a year for many years. Sex was his drug of choice.”

The NBA didn’t have a problem with Kobe Bryant’s admission that he had sex with a 19-year old hotel employee even though he was married at the time. It was all OK because the sex was consensual. “Bryant signed a seven-year, $136 million contract a year after the allegations, and regained several of his endorsements from Nike, Spalding, and Coca-Cola. He was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2008 and the Finals’ Most Valuable Player in 2009 and 2010.”

It’s not just the NBA. “A ‘culture of adultery’ permeates professional sports today, says Steven M. Ortiz, an assistant professor of sociology at Oregon State University.”

We’ve seen fellow-NBA players coming out in support for Collins. And why not? If it’s OK to have sex with men, then what’s wrong with having sex with anybody, any time, any place?

Collins has just lowered the moral sex bar. He has “defined deviancy down” further than Chamberlain, Bennett, or Bryant ever could.

Participating in the perversion was President Obama. After asking God to bless the killing of pre-born babies, the President called Collins to congratulate the journeyman basketball player for admitting to the world that he engages in immoral and irrational sexual practices.

Collins is shooting baskets at the wrong hoop, and he’s being praised for it.

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